These are the Latin clubs that do not go through their bad streak

Do you feel like your soccer team never wins? Well, these clubs will surprise you with their losing streaks!

Players of the Cruz Azul team and the Atlas FC team

Here we review some of the clubs that have not won their leagues in Latin America for years. Photos: IG-cruzazul, IG-AtlasFC

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After a 23-year wait, Cruz Azul became the Liga MX champion, ending one of the longest losing streaks in Latin American professional soccer. This made us wonder what other teams suffer from this curse? Here we review some of the clubs that have not won their leagues in Latin America for years.

Club Atlético Independiente, 18 years without winning the Argentine League

It is unusual that one of the most successful and renowned clubs, not only in Latin America but worldwide, has not won the Argentine League for so long. The last time they were successful was in 2002 and this year they will not win it either, because a few days ago they lost in the semifinal against Colón. The most curious thing about the whole situation is that Independiente is (along with Boca Juniors) the Argentine club that has the most international titles (18) in Argentina. It is also the third-largest in the world.

Deportivo Cali, 6 years without winning the Colombian First A

Colombia's great teams frequently take turns holding the title and that is why none of the highest-profile clubs has more than 9 years without lifting a trophy. However, of the recognized clubs, Deportivo Cali is the one that has not achieved glory the longest. Since April 2015 they have not crowned the First A. In addition to its 9 titles in this category, it is the team that has been runner-up the most times (14 times).

Other Colombian clubs that have faced significant bad spells are Once Caldas, who have not won since 2010; El Boyacá Chico, who has not won since 2008; Cúcuta Deportivo, which has not won since 2006 and Deportivo Pasto, which has not won since 2006.

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Atlas Fútbol Club, 70 years without winning Liga MX

The Atlas has a historical curse of more than 70 years without winning Liga MX. Atlas has not won a championship since 1951, the first and only time they have triumphed in the League. Despite that, they have 9 national titles, including 4 Mexican Cups.

Sport Club Internacional, 42 years without winning the Brazilian Championship Serie A

This Brazilian club has one of the longest losing streaks in the country. Despite its international recognition (it is the third most winning Brazilian club at the international level), Internacional has not won a Serie A in its country since 1979. It is one of the few South American clubs that has won the Club World Cup, the Copa Libertadores of America, the South American Cup, the South American Recopa, and the Suruga Bank Cup.

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