These are the most popular Colombian clubs in social networks

These are the most popular soccer clubs in the coffee country .

Computer screen with the twitter profile of 'América de Cali'

These are some of the most popular soccer teams on social media. / Photo: LatinAmerican Post

LatinAmerican Post| Juan Manuel Londoño

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Recently, the Sports and Finance page released an infographic showing which were the football clubs with the most interactions on social networks during this 2020. Here we tell you which clubs are and we show you some of their most viral posts.

1. America de Cali- 17.1 million interactions

The most popular club in Colombia in far-off networks is América de Cali, with almost a million more interactions than the competition. A post lamenting the death of legendary manager Gabriel Ochoa Uribe and another celebrating the team's victory in the ESPN Cup were his most popular on Twitter this year, easily surpassing 5,000 likes each. The signing of Juan David Perez was also an important moment in networks for El Rojo.

2. Atlético Nacional- 16.1 million interactions

América de Cali is followed in popularity by Atlético Nacional from Medellín. The strange thing is that in this case his most popular posts did not have to do with any Colombian but with the Argentine Franco Armani. Both had more than 4000 likes and celebrated both the Argentine's birthday and one of his visits to the club.

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3. Club Junior FC-16 million interactions

In third place we have the Junior from Barranquilla. His most popular posts on twitter this year celebrated his victory in the Super League as well as the signing of Miguel Ángel Borja, the latter reaching 7400 likes. In a non-football related post, they also congratulated Barranquilla Shakira for her participation in the SuperBowl.


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