These are the reasons why there will be no Golden Ball this year

This is the first time that the award will not be given since 1956.

Golden ball

The French media clarified that the award will not be awarded this year. / Photo:

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The prestigious prize that is awarded by the France Football media will not make a presence this year, apparently. Like everything bad in 2020, this is due to the devastation that coronavirus has caused in the world of sports. However, the media clarified that there are 7 main reasons why the prize will not be awarded. These are, summarized:

  • Because this year "should not, and cannot be treated like any other" according to the media.
  • Because this award measures different qualities to sports excellence.
  • Because the candidates are not on equal terms. Some have seen their season untimely interrupted and others have not.
  • To protect the legitimacy and credibility of the award. According to the magazine it would be "a mark of shame" to award the golden ball under current conditions.
  • Because they cannot be based on "spoiled" seasons to choose the best ones. According to them, only January and February would serve as references to choose the winner of the award.
  • Because its 220 juries, which are spread throughout the world, currently have different priorities.
  • Because the history of the award is very accurate to “stain” with a half-hearted exercise like this.
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Who are the affected?

According to Marca, there are several players who this year were the favorites to win the prestigious award. In his list, there are several usual names as well as some surprises

Messi tops the Marca list, with his 25 league goals. This would have been his seventh golden ball. Although, it is important to highlight that it has not been his best season, for which perhaps he is grateful for the cancellation of the award.

With 20 goals so far this season, another usual candidate was Cristiano Ronaldo. This would have been his sixth gold ball. Winning this year would have put him on the same level as Messi in this category.

This year's Bundesliga winner Robert Lewandowski was also a candidate for the award. It would have been his first, after coming off an excellent season with 34 goals in 31 appearances.

Of course, football fans are the worst hit, as the delivery of the ball, as well as speculation around the award, is an important event for them. It is yet another stab for true fans, in a year that has been terrible for being a fan of the sport.

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