These Athletes Would Have Won Gold in Debut Olympic Sports

Karate, surfing, skateboarding, and sport climbing are the new sports that made their debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Of these sports, who could have been the historic champions who are currently retired? .

Atsuko Wakai, Felipe Pomar and Tony Hawk

These are some athletes who would have succeeded in the new disciplines of the Olympic Games. Photos: Alchetron, BBC, GQ

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Being the first time that these disciplines will be in the Olympic games, international champions who previously stood out in these sports were left behind, for which it is necessary to recognize their historical work and the precedent they left in the international sports community.


The sport that has characterized Japan for many years is welcomed in their country of origin, but not without receiving athletes from all over the world who have qualified to be the first official historical representatives of the discipline.

In this martial art, it is of enormous importance to mention Atsuko Wakai, a karateka who has been world champion of Karate in years 1998, 2000, 2002, and 2004; She is currently 50 years old and within the Japanese Karate Federation she is the woman with the most titles and awards in the discipline.


A veteran who deserves to be named in this list of hypothetical Olympic medalists is the first Latin American surf champion: Felipe Pomar. Of Peruvian origin and 78 years of age, he was a gold winner in this discipline in 1965.

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If surfing had existed at that time in the Olympic Games, those that were celebrated in Latin America would probably have won a gold: Mexico 1968. Without a doubt, the gold medal would have remained in this region and Felipe Pomar would have gone to the history as the first Peruvian to obtain gold, as well as is currently known for being the first to surf a tsunami.


One of the sports that has caused the most controversy in these games is skateboarding, known simply as skateboarding in Latin America, which went from being a practice in public spaces to having a place in the Olympic village.

The most emblematic character in this discipline, and who would undoubtedly have won a medal at Tokyo 2020 is Rodney Mullen; The 65-year-old American is known in the world of skateboarding as “the godfather”. He has invented more than 30 tricks and is the professional with the most recognition in the discipline.

Within this discipline we can also mention Tony Hawk, another veteran who is a native of California, and who without a doubt would have contested the gold medal to Mullen; so far Hawk is considered the best half-tube skater and was the first in history to perform a 900-degree turn.


A woman who undoubtedly made history in Europe in sport climbing was Tatiana Ruiga. The 44-year-old Russian would undoubtedly have contested a gold medal at Tokyo 2020 as the winner of three medals at the World Climbing Championships in speed events.

In 1997 and 2007 she won gold in said championship and silver in 2003; It is not overlooked to mention that she also had a silver medal in the European Climbing Championship, so her list of medals would have been extended this year had he participated.


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