Transfer Market: The World Stars Who Do not Want to Continue in Their Current Clubs

The season in the big leagues in Europe is about to end, so we are at the gates of the start of the transfer market. These are some stars that will change teams for the 2023-2024 campaign.

Marco Asensio, Ilkay Gundogan, Roberto Firmino

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The transfer market is one of the most important moments of the season. During this period, all clubs have the possibility of buying and selling great world stars, in order to strengthen their squads for the following competitions. This is why, for many years, a large amount of money has moved in these months.

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For this next transfer market, it is certain that we will have several bombastic movements, since several prominent players have made the determination to change the scene for the following season. In LatinAmerican Post, we tell you about the transfers that will give you the most to talk about in the transfer window.

Leaving Madrid

The 27-year-old Spanish midfielder Marco Asensio has made the decision to leave Real Madrid next season. After spending eight seasons with the Madrid team and winning practically all the championships with this club, this player has decided not to renew his contract for the next season.

His lack of minutes and his intention to seek new challenges in his career as a professional player has led him to make this determination. Although his departure is not yet certain, everything seems to indicate that the Spanish midfielder would have the option of reaching Arsenal in England or Milan in Italy.

Wasted talent

The 24-year-old English midfielder Mason Mount has everything ready to finalize his departure from Chelsea in England. After spending more than eight years in the London institution (counting minor divisions), the player has taken the determination to look for new airs in world soccer.

His lack of minutes and the constant hiring of Chelsea in this area of the field have left the player of the England National Team relegated, who has commented that he prefers to leave the club in search of maintaining his competitive rhythm. This is why everything indicates that this outstanding player will be leaving Stamford Bridge in the coming months.

Trouble in Manchester

Ilkay Gündoğan became one of Manchester City's great references in recent seasons. The 32-year-old German midfielder is essential to this team's tactical scheme. However, after seven seasons at this English institution, this player has made the determination to leave the club in search of new challenges.

His contract with the 'Citizen' team is about to end and everything indicates that the midfielder has no intention of renewing it, since he considers that it is time to find new horizons and end his career as a professional player in the best possible way. Teams like Barcelona and Arsenal and Bayern Munich are attentive to what happens with this outstanding midfielder.

Sadness in Liverpool

Brazilian striker Roberto Firmino surprised all Liverpool fans by announcing his intention to leave the club the following season. After eight seasons in the Premier League, the attacker has confirmed that he will not renew his contract with the 'Reds', as he believes that it is time to turn his life around as a professional soccer.

Firmino's departure is already a fact. Given this, the best teams in the world have begun to take an interest in this player, remembering the quality of sportsman he is and the qualities that this 31-year-old sportsman has yet to demonstrate, who will surely shine again at his next club.

The last dance?

Lionel Messi has been going through one of his best moments as a professional player. Recently, the Argentine striker won the World Cup title held in Qatar and has obtained practically all the championships with the Argentine National Team. Despite this, PSG fans want him out of the French club because of his high salary and his few positive results in this team.

With this situation, the rumors have not stopped, since it is no secret to anyone that the player wants to leave this club that has never come to value him as he deserves. This is why his departure from French soccer is practically a fact. Barcelona is emerging as the number one candidate to sign this forward again, this being one of the most anticipated returns by all the fans of the Catalan club.

For now, it remains to be hoped that it will happen with all these players, who have decided that they will leave their current teams, but it is not known which clubs they will reach in the following season. In addition to this, it should be noted that in the world of soccer and especially in the transfer market, anything can happen.

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