Uruguay, Argentina And Paraguay: Hosts Of The Opening Matches Of The 2030 World Cup

Today the president of CONMEBOL, Alejandro Domínguez, announced to the world that Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay will be the three host countries of the opening matches of the 2030 World Cup .

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The president of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL), Alejandro Domínguez, announced this Wednesday that Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay will host the opening matches of the 2030 World Cup, when the centenary of this event will be celebrated.

"We believed. The 2030 Centenary World Cup begins where it all began. Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay will host the inaugural matches of the #Centennial World Cup," he wrote on his account on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

In a later press conference, Domínguez announced that the tournament will begin in South America.

What does this mean for the Centennial World Cup?

"There will be a time before the game where we will be celebrating the anniversary both in Uruguay, in Argentina and in Paraguay. There will be three inaugurations, they are not just three games, there are three inaugurations that will be held in these headquarters , in these countries, and also all the previous celebrations," he added.

The leader, who thanked the full FIFA council for accepting the South American proposal, highlighted that he announced it as a "historical fact" and indicated that football "united three continents" and "united six countries."

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The president of the Paraguayan Football Association (APF), Robert Harrison, assured that the World Cup will begin in South America, with opening matches in Montevideo, Buenos Aires and a not specifed city in Paraguay, and then "it will move to Spain, Portugal and Morocco".

In addition, he confirmed that the three South American federations "are already classified."

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