What is the Reason for the Sporting Slump of ‘Checo’ Pérez in Formula 1?

The Mexican driver Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez is going through his worst stage in Formula 1, an aspect that could leave him out of Red Bull. We tell you the reality of this Latin American corridor.

Sergio 'Checo' Perez

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The Formula 1 season began in style, in which, as expected, the Dutch driver Max Verstappen leads the standings, an aspect that demonstrates his superiority over the rest of the World Cup cars. Faced with this marked difference, many fans felt disappointed with the reality of his teammate Sergio Pérez, a rider who has the same car, but who has been unable to compete in the best way.

Losing streak

For the last three stages, the Mexican driver has been reaping poor results in qualifying, results that leave him quite far from the dispute for the wins in these races. From the Monaco circuit, Pérez has not passed Q3, an aspect that prevents him from starting from the top positions, which is why, for several weeks, he has had to row against the current to enter the fight for a place on the podium.

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This is one of the great reasons for the car downturn that the Mexican has, who commented on several occasions that he currently does not feel comfortable with the deployment of his car. Likewise, he made it clear that he has been working hard with the chief mechanics to solve this aspect with his car.

Despite the fact that the driver considers that his reality in the World Cup is a problem with his car, several experts point out that this bad moment is due to something mental in the Mexican rider, which seems to be overcome by the pressure of having the car fastest of the entire grid. With this series of comments, the possibility is rumored that the one born in Guadalajara ends up leaving Red Bull for the following season.

In the last three days, Pérez finished 16th in Monaco, fourth in Spain and sixth in Canada, losing many points compared to the other drivers on the grid. With these poor results, the Mexican is currently separated by 69 points from the championship leader.

Possible changes

Also, his advantage over Fernando Alonso was cut considerably, so the Spanish driver is only 9 points behind, an aspect that makes him the top favorite to take second place in the championship. With this sporting downturn, several experts commented that Red Bull has to look for a new option to enhance the fight within the team.

One of the people who expressed his opinion in this regard was the former director of Williams Racing, Peter Windsor, who proposed the German Nico Hülkenberg as a replacement for the Mexican. “When Red Bull sees the times, they will think about whether they can make Nico Hülkenberg run in his car. It would be the perfect number two for Verstappen. Checo Pérez couldn’t get the tires to work, more or less like we saw in Australia and Spain. That’s right, a very disappointing moment for Red Bull, again.”

Winning mentality

Despite these criticisms and options for changes in the Austrian team, the Mexican driver is aware that he needs to make many changes if he wants to be up to the task this season. This is why, in the middle of one of his last interviews, Pérez commented that “We are going to work hard, together with the home team, to make sure that we find out what is happening at this moment. It is what it is. I think you have to be mentally strong, and I am. I know I will get through this difficult two-race period. In Monaco, yes, I made a mistake, and it was a bad weekend, but I think without that we had the rhythm.”

For now, it remains to wait for the following circuits in this Formula 1 season, which will be essential to define the future of the Mexican driver. Given this, all the fans of the Latin American runner hope to see the best version of him, so that he can once again be at the top of the World Cup and give us a definition of an exciting championship, competing hand in hand with his teammate Max Verstappen.

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