Which players are hurt the most in Europe?

The CIES Football observatory has just published this curious statistic

The CIES Football observatory has just published this curious statistic.

Neymar and Ignatius Ganago

These are some of the footballers who are fouled the most during a match. / Photos: IG / neymarjr, IG / ikg37

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Watching football, has it ever seemed to you that there are certain players who commit more fouls than others? Well, CIES football has just confirmed that this is true. Apparently there are some European players who draw blows from the opposing team more often than others. Here we bring you the 5 that have blown the whistle the most.

Neymar junior

Neymar has a bad reputation for being a player who sells the foul at the slightest contact, and this statistic seems to support his bad reputation. According to CIES, the Brazilian is fouled every 20 minutes and 39 seconds, on average. If we used this average as a base, Neymar would be committing almost 4 fouls in a game.



Angelo fulgini

This Angers SCO player is not very different from the Brazilian as he is fouled every 20 minutes and 56 seconds. The 24-year-old is best known for his ability to make risky plays and move the ball between the legs of his opponents, but he also appears to be the target of his opponents' kicks.


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Yangel Herrera

The specialized media Granada Hoy highlights that, the reason why this Venezuelan is one of the players who receives the most fouls is his "work capacity" that allows him to cover a wide field of the field, as well as the fact that he also commits a large number of fouls. Herrera needs them every 21 minutes and 24 seconds, according to CIES.



Ignatius Ganago

This RC Lens player accumulated 15 fouls against him in the French league, receiving approximately one every 21 minutes and 24 seconds. The 21-year-old forward is a still unknown player, who has plenty of room to improve, according to scout reports.


Arnaud nordin

Nordin is fouled every 22 minutes and 56 seconds. The AS St-Etienne player accumulated 17 fouls against him in 390 minutes. He is still very young, so not much is known about him. One of his best games was on August 22, where he had two excellent assists against Lorient.


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