Which was the best boxing fight of 2017?

Will the encounter between these two fighters be as legendary in 2018?

Which was the best boxing fight of 2017?

The World Boxing Council determined that the fight between the middleweight world champion, Gennady Golovkin, and the Mexican Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, was the ‘Fight of the Year’ 2017.

The fight between the Kazakh boxer and the Mexican, held in Las Vegas last September and ended in a draw, was considered by the World Boxing Council as ‘the Best Fight of 2017’.

In that fight, the two fighters raised their arms in victory after the final bell and jumped IGNORE INTO the arms of their teams, but they had to wait for the cards to know who was wearing the belts home.

In the meantime, the World Boxing Council (WBC) announced that the Fighter of the Year was the same Golovkin, who twice defended his belt when facing Canelo and Danny Jacobs, with what Gennady managed to establish his position as “the best boxer pound for pound in the whole world”.

Mikey Garcia, American of Mexican blood, was recognized as the “Return of the year”, as long as two other Mexicans were also recognized: the ‘Alacran’ Bechet was named ‘The revelation of the year’ and ‘Rocky Hernandez’ still unbeaten, as ‘Rookie of the Year’.

According to the WBC, the event of the year was for The Money Fight between mixed martial arts star Connor Mcgregor and retired undefeated Floyd Mayweather. According to the council, this fight has been the second event with the highest pay-per-view sales in history.

This fight is a sign that boxing hopes to return to be in the eyes of the entire world, although they hope to do the same with a real boxing match this year.

This 2018 promises good confrontations, starting with the considered ‘Best fight of the year’ between the Kazakh Golovkin and ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, who having finished in a draw should see each other again in 2018. Golovkin expects to improve the shot and lethal definition that they characterized him to continue with the undefeated he still has. On the other hand, ‘Canelo’ expects to continue improving little by little, and be able to take advantage of the opportunities he let slip in the last fight.

The unification of the heavyweight between Joshua, English, 28 years old, FIB champion, and the American Wilder, 32 years old, holder of the WBC belt, is the most anticipated event of the new year.

Philippine Manny Pacquiao, 39 years old, who also holds the position of senator in his country, could possibly have his final act against the two-time American champion Terrence Crawford, an unstable knocker who needs a dedicated opponent. Pacquiao referred via twitter to a fight against the MMA fighter, Connor Mcgregor: “Continue in form my friend, real fight boxing” sentenced the Filipino. The former retired champion Oscar de la Hoya did the same, who said he could knock out Connor in just two rounds. To this, Connor responded some time later removing the doubts of his return to the UFC: “I want a real fight, my next time will be in the MMA”, concluded the Irishman.


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