Why is the Colombian Women’s National Team More Exciting than the Men’s?

The Colombian women’s team is playing much better than its male counterpart

Colombia National Team

Photo: Federación Colombiana de Fútbol

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The Colombian men’s team is going through one of its worst moments in years, there is no doubt about that. With its drought of goals that are already legendary, a line-up that seems to change game by game, and stars that have lost their shine, it is getting more and more boring to tune in to a match of the tricolor. So much so, that the off-field drama between the players is more entertaining than their matches.

However, all is not lost for fans of yellow, blue, and red. There is a Colombian National Team that still has the ability to excite: the women’s team. Here we give you some of the reasons why you cannot miss their next matches.

A winning record

It is no secret to anyone that, in regard to the last two years, the Colombian men’s national team has done nothing more than obtaining medical results. If we just focus on Qatar’s World Cup Qualifiers, we can see that they have only won 3 of their 16 games, drawing 8 and losing 5.

To compare, of their last 7 games, the Women’s National Team has won 5, tied 1, and has only lost 1 time. But it is not only about the fact that they have won, but also how they have won. For example, in their last friendly against Ecuador in April 2016, the Colombians thrashed the Ecuadorian team 4-0. They also prevailed 3-2 against Uruguay in their last meeting.

Their match against Argentina was also fun, where, despite the draw, at least it lasted until the last minute. Without a doubt, it is much more exciting to see this National Team that strives and fights to win than to see James and company settle for getting a draw from Argentina.

The Copa América is coming

The men’s Copa América could not be held in Colombia in its last edition, due to the social problems that the country was experiencing at the time, which were added to a wave of coronavirus infections that was impossible to control.

However, the Colombian women’s team will be able to be part of the Copa América to be held in 2022. Moreover, the coffee country will be the next venue for this event.

The first women’s Copa América in Colombia will be held from July 8 to 30, the final will be played in Cali and there will be matches in Armenia and Bucaramanga.

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Few things are more exciting than a Copa América at home and this is a compelling reason to give all possible support to our players. Especially considering that, according to FIFA rankings, Colombia is the second most powerful team in Conmebol after Brazil. So far, Brazil is sixth in the world and we are ranked number 26, but Argentina is third being 34 in the world. If we get to be among the top 3 in this competition, we will have a direct quota to the World Cup. If this happens, the female players could give us the joy that their male counterparts failed to give us.

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