Why will F-1 eliminate the Paddock girls?

The measure will begin to rule in Australia on March 25 with the start of the World Drivers Championship

Why will F-1 eliminate the Paddock girls?

Formula 1, being the most recognized and famous brand of the International Automobile Federation, will have substantial changes in its events. For the marketing company and organizing of the event, Liberty Media Corporation, the participation and work of the Paddock Girls (models that accompany the motor racings) "are in disagreement with the current social norms", according to the Director of Operations of the F -1, Sean Bratches.

This and other decisions – such as new engines and a greater number of equipment – come at a time of change for king motor sport and are related to a new world concept in many aspects. The measure is part of the investment renewal and leadership of the American media and entertainment company Liberty Media, which bought the brand for an approximate value of 8,000 million dollars in 2016.

The multinational based in Colorado, created by billionaire John Malone, after 1 year and a few months, seeks to give a new twist to the F1 that fits the current sports scene and current social standards.

This sport, which in recent years has been overshadowed and diminished by the attraction of other activities, is in the quest to captivate the public again. "Although the practice of employing stewardesses has been a staple of the F-1 for decades, we believe that this custom does not fit the values ​​of our brand, and we do not believe that the practice is appropriate or relevant to F-1 and its fans, the old and the new, all over the world, " said Bratches.

For Liberty Media, the idea is to eradicate the activity performed by the Paddock Girls during the event. Therefore, other brands such as Formula 2 and Grand Prix 3 would join this determination.

Usually, this sport has been considered as an elite discipline or a luxury brand. Popularly, it is believed that to enter the "Paddocks" is necessary to be famous, multimillionaire or have won an Oscar to be able to share with the pilots, the teams, and the beautiful women.

Currently, the transnational wants to "popularize" the sport and make it more accessible to the spectators. The strategy is clear evidence of the commercial idea and the economic model that has always prevailed in the United States. The model is closely linked to a capitalist economy, and not super capitalist, as Formula 1 has been traditionally promoted.

Furthermore, Liberty Media wants to convert the F-1 IGNORE INTO Nascar (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing), which represents the most commercial and popular category in the country.

Although luxury teams such as Ferrari are against some of the new measurements and have declared that they will embark on a new circuit, other important decisions are "seriously under study," claimed the F-1 Sports Director Ross Brawn told the BBC last December. .

Constantly, we have known Formula 1 as a social event of ostentation, wealth and abundance. Circus that attracted public’s attention for its idealization of the billionaire: surrounded by splendid women, exclusive cars, champagne, and relationship with the elites.

On the other hand, Carolyn Mooney, who has served as a ' Paddock girl' in prizes of British circuits, including Silverstone (Grand Prize of Great Britain), for more than 15 years, argues that the work performed by her and coworkers goes beyond the beauty. "Our job is to make people feel part of the team," the woman told the Daily Record in the United Kingdom.


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