Will there be an NFL team in Las Vegas?

In paper everything seems very nice, but in fact, the move scheduled for the 2020 season could have more negative consequences than positive

Will there be an NFL team in Las Vegas?

Those who have followed the National Football League (NFL) for years know that teams move out to different cities. In fact, just two years ago there was the Rams, which are now in Los Angeles but that had been in San Luis, Cleveland, and Anaheim. Also the Chargers moved in 2017 from San Diego to Los Angeles. However, the moving out that is coming is, in the opinion of the specialists, a real madness.

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The Oakland Raiders received in March 2017, 31 of the 32 possible votes and exceeded the 24 needed to make possible the removal of the franchise. In fact, the only team that opposed was the Miami Dolphins, arguing that the teams have to be left in the communities where they have been supported, according to its owner Stephen Ross.

Other examples of moving out are the Baltimore Colts march to Indianapolis; while Baltimore was reinvented and now has the Ravens, a team that, in turn, belonged to Cleveland, one of the many houses of the Rams.

A new stadium and … better profits?

The first thing that must be mentioned is that there was no willingness of the League or the team to continue in Oakland, for disagreement with the proposals of the municipality, while from Las Vegas the offer was irrevocable: 750 million dollars in the construction of a new stadium. The rest was placed by Bank of America: 650 million more. What it is striking is that historically the NFL always rejected the possibility of a franchise in that city for its open policies of betting.

Medio Tiempo assures that the Raiders' futuristic stadium will have a value of 1.9 billion dollars near the Las Vegas Strip, a sector of the city in which there are many hotels and casinos. The lease would not be exclusive to the Raiders, but would be shared with the University of Nevada’s Rebels.

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The first words of Mark Davis, owner of the team, after approval of transfer were: "I have mixed feelings. I understand that the fans are going to be angry and disappointed. The Raider Nation is the best hobby in the world and we are going to build something to make them proud. We know that some fans will be disappointed, but we hope that they do not direct their frustration to the players, coaches, and staff. My father said that the greatness of the Raiders is in the future and the opportunity to build a world class stadium in the entertainment capital is a step to achieve this greatness".

Excelsior added that it is the third time that the franchise has moved out of town. From 1960 to 1982 they were in Oakland, then from 1983 to 1995 the stayed in Los Angeles, from 1996 to 2019 in Oakland, and from 2020 they will be in Las Vegas.


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Negative consequences?

Shortly before the start of this campaign, the Oakland City Council expressed its intention to file an antitrust lawsuit against the Raiders and the NFL for the moving to Las Vegas, according to a report by Phil Matier and Andy Ross of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Finally, the demand was around $ 500 million dollars for damages. Oakland City Councilman Noel Gallo said "it had to happen. It's absolutely a good thing". In addition to the lawsuit, the Raiders may have to look for where to play the 2019 campaign, as the Alameda County Coliseum would withdraw negotiations to extend the lease, although there are no clear signs of this until next season. Another aspect that does not look good is its new home in Las Vegas, as it would be ready until 2021, according to

This negotiation would end up being negative for the Raiders, according to Sports Vice. We must not forget that three great stars of the team left the club a few months after the announcement. They are Derek Carr, Amari Cooper, and Khalil Mack.

Is it coincidence that they have left?


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