Women’s Football: these are the 4 best teams

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Which are the teams that are the best in the region? In LatinAmerican Post we tell you more

Women's Football: these are the 4 best teams

The FIFA Women's Ranking is a world ranking system that assigns points to the teams according to the official matches that are played or won and their importance.

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According to the media of Spain, the feminine ranking differs from the masculine one, for several reasons. First, the masculine adds more points between the most recent matches, while in the women's national teams the time of the matches is not of great importance.

Another difference is that the masculine selections only count the last four years, whereas the feminine ones add a point every year. In addition, "The Men's Ranking is published monthly, but the female is published only in March, June, August, and December."

Some of the women's teams that are traditionally among the best, according to the FIFA, classification are the United States, Germany, Japan, France, England, and Brazil.

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The best 


In this country, the development of women's football has been very accelerated thanks to the creation of the Copa do Brasil Femenina in 2007 and the investment for the creation of first-rate championships.

Paraguayan footballer Jessica Martinez told the newspaper El Comercio that "In Brazil, there is a good organization. During one year, two championships are played and that allows having a very high demand ".


Despite the problems that this team has faced, the players have shown an excellent performance and that is why they managed to qualify for the 2019 World Cup in France.

According to the newspaper Marca, the president of the AFA, Claudio Tapia, commented that "We are interested in the continuous growth of the women's football in the country and for that we must involve the leaders to make their teams participate", because he hopes that in a few years women's soccer in Argentina will have the same popularity as men's.




The Colombian women's national soccer team has great athletes who have had important encounters in different categories since they won the Copa América Femenina sub-championships in 2010 and 2014, which was enough to participate in the 2011 and 2015 World Cups and in the Olympic Games of 2012 and 2016.

Carlos Alberto Quintero, who directed Colombia's U-17 team in 2016, told the Colombian daily El Espectador that "If we, as women's football, want to grow, we must work our own way", because, despite all the achievements of the national team female, male football is still much more recognized in the country.




The Women's Soccer Team of Chile has obtained great recognition due to the discipline, commitment, and responsibility of its players. According to the FIFA website, Christiane Endler, captain of the Chilean national team, pointed out that in the women's team "We have a very particular playing style, a lot of touches, of playing collectively. There are very talented players, with a lot of technique. We are a very organized team. You can see the work of these months with a coach with clear ideas, who achieved many things with Colo Colo. It has been vital for us to know him for a long time. He has managed to reflect very well what he wants on the team. "



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