X Games 2022: All the Information you Need to Know

The annual extreme sports event will have its new edition in 2022. Here we will tell you all the necessary information.

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In December 2021 it came to light that, for the first time in history, the X Games would be held in Japan. The city of Chiba will be the one that will host this extreme sports competition, between April 22 and 24. Now, don't you know specifically what this event consists of?

Well, it was created in 1995 and was the first time that extreme sports had an event on a global scale. Since then, they have passed through different countries. In all of them, “local” changes are always generated to adapt the organization, so it is possible that the medals and the scenarios represent the Japanese culture.

In addition, as the years passed, this event began to acquire greater popularity. Mainly because Tony Hawk, legendary skateboarding pro, launched his new tricks. This is why fans of this kind of sports tuned in or attended this event to learn about the news of these athletes.

It should also be noted that there are two variations: Winter and Summer. The one in Japan will correspond to the latter, while the first ones took place in January, in Aspen, Colorado (United States). Therefore, in the latter all tests related to snow are usually included, something that does not happen in Summer.

X Games 2022 sports

Well, in this case we know that this celebration will take place at the Zozomarine Stadium, with three important disciplines. The first will be Skate (Park and Street for men and women). The second will be BMX (Park, Street and the return of BMX Flatland). On the other hand, the third will be the Moto X (Best Whip and Freestyle Demo).

As for the participants, it is expected that more than 100 people will participate. The standout, however, will be Sakura Yosozumi, the Tokyo Olympics women's Skateboard Park gold medalist. Likewise, Yuto Horigome, the gold medalist in Skateboard Street for men, will also be present.

It should be noted that skateboarding is precisely one of the most popular sports in Japan. For local fans, it will be a great opportunity to see their favorite competitors live, since the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games had to be held behind closed doors due to the pandemic.

Something similar happens with BMX, which is also gaining particular success in the eastern territory. Perhaps this explains the return of BMX Flatland, since in this country it is a reference modality. In case you don't know, acrobatics are done here with the help of foot rests and a rotor.

However, it is also common for some musical shows, urban art and restoration proposals, among other activities, to be present. I mean, the X Games tend to be an event that not only appeals to a niche, but is becoming increasingly popular with the general public.

If you are interested in knowing the calendar, here it is detailed by days:

Friday April 22

  • Opening ceremony.
  • Men's Skateboard Vert Finals.
  • Men's BMX Flatland Finals.
  • Men's Skateboard Park Prelims.
  • Women's Skateboard Park Prelims.
  • Women's Skateboard Street Prelims.
  • BMX Park preliminaries.
  • Moto X freestyle demo.

Saturday April 23

  • Women's Skateboard Park Finals.
  • BMX Park Finals.
  • Vert Best Trick Finals.
  • BMX Street Finals.
  • Moto X Best Whip Finals.
  • Men's Skateboard Street Prelims.
  • Music festival.

Sunday April 24

  • Closing ceremony.
  • Men's Skateboard Park Finals.
  • Women's Skateboard Street Finals.
  • Men's Skateboard Street Finals.
  • Moto X freestyle demo.

In short, you already know what the X Games of 2022 consist of. Therefore, in Latin America you should know that this contest will be broadcast on ESPN and Star +. Therefore, if you want to see them, you already have all the necessary information. We hope it lives up to expectations and you can enjoy a great show!

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