Xavien Howard: the best paid cornerback in NFL history

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The Miami Dolphins spent USD $ 76.5 million to keep their defensive player. Here we review the most expensive contracts of recent years

Xavien Howard: the best paid cornerback in NFL history

Xavien Howard, one of the best players of the 2018 season, player of the Miami Dolphins, became the best-paid cornerback in the history of the league with a contract of five seasons for 76.5 million dollars. The reason? He was the leader of the entire NFL in interceptions, with seven steals, next to Kyle Fuller of the Chicago Bears and Damontae Kazee of the Atlanta Falcons.

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The extension of the contract is a record for the five seasons, up to 23-24, and includes USD $ 46 million guaranteed, according to information leaked by Adam Schefter of ESPN. Now, regarding the extension of contracts, Josh Norman's with the Washington Redskins was the highest with figures of USD $ 36.5 million.

Howard, 25, will also receive $ 51 million in the first three years of the contract, after not only matching the best NFL number in interceptions, but also after being voted to his first Pro Bowl. In fact, the numbers are even more striking in his last 17 games: 11 interceptions.

This 2019 is his last year as a rookie, so Howard was destined to receive a salary below $ 1.3 million after representing Baylor in the 2016 draft and being No. 38 in the overall recruit of that choice. Howard will overtake AJ Bouye of the Jacksonville Jaguars, who was the highest paid cornerback with USD $ 13.4 million.

Its achievements in 2018, a key to the signature

In 2016, Xavien Howard was drafted by the Dolphins and, during his first three years, he had a good level. It was until 2018 that he exploded by becoming the Miami high school leader and attending his first Pro Bowl. This is an achievement that is usually the sign of consolidation of a player in the league.

You do not have to be very smart to realize that the Miami cornerback is already one of the most important players of the organization in his future project and in the new system that will be implemented by Brian Flores, coach of the Dolphins, assured Us As.


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The Garoppolo case

As remembers that Jimmy Garoppolo became in 2018 the best paid quarterback, and player, in the history of the NFL. It was exactly USD $ 137.5 million, also for 5 years, for an annual average of 27.5 million per year. Obviously, Howard's contract does not compare to this, but it is true that it is the one that has caused the most impact in the league after Garoppolo's, who, in turn, had surpassed Mathew Stafford of Detroit Lions.

The same media clarifies that the franchise quarterback market in the NFL is so scarce that talking about prices and negotiations is a waste of time, because generally these players are fixed in advance to the absolute inflexibility of the teams. It is no secret to anyone that the most important position in the NFL is that of field marshal.

ESPN adds that, of the NFL's top-paid list for the next season, the first 18 are quarterbacks. It is the number 19 of that top, Von Miller, Denver Broncos pass-rusher, who earns USD $ 19,016 million being the first to play another position.

However, the figure of Miller is quite short compared to the recent contract signed by quarterback Matt Ryan with the Atlanta Falcons, for five years and USD $ 150 million, or 30 million per campaign.

The top ten of the top 10 highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL is led by Matt Ryan of Atlanta Falcons (150 million for five years, at a rate of 30 per season), who could lose his place to Aron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers (who wins 22, but who expects a new offer for this next campaign). Then there's Kirk Cousins (Minnesota Vikings), with USD $ 84 million for three years; Garoppolo, of the San Francisco 49ers, with USD $ 27.5 million; and then the aforementioned Stafford with Detroit Lyons.

In fifth place, there is a tie between two generational pins: Derek Carr in his best years with the Oakland Raiders and Drew Brees in the final seasons of his career with the New Orleans Saints, both with USD $ 25 million per year each. To close the top 10 shown by ESPN , Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts (USD $ 24,594 million), Alex Smith (Washington Redskins) with USD $ 23.5 millions; Joe Flacco, who earned $ 22.13 million with the Baltimore Ravens before being traded to the Denver Broncos. Finally, there is Rodgers with USD $ 22 million.


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