Yenny Álvarez: The Athlete of the Year in Colombia

Yenny Álvarez, a Colombian weightlifter, has managed to make History in her discipline, thus becoming the athlete of 2022

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Weightlifting has been considered one of the most important sports in Colombia, remembering the quality of athletes who have gone through the different competitions in this sport, which have left the name of the Andean country high. This is why it is so relevant to see the birth of the new generations in Colombian weightlifting.

One of the great new promises of Colombian sports is Yenny Álvarez, a Colombian athlete who has had the opportunity to start collecting achievements during her professional career. Over the years and thanks to her mettle and effort, the Valle del Cauca woman has made history in weightlifting.

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The Colombian weightlifter has had a dreamy 2022, in which she has had the opportunity to raise the name of her country and finish off her sporting legacy in the best way. During her sports career, the 27-year-old from Cali has overcome great obstacles, demonstrating her tenacity and resilience to complete her goals.

A story of resilience

One of the most important setbacks that the Colombian athlete has overcome has been being away from official competitions for five years. This happened in 2015, when the weightlifter was playing the youth Pan American games in Cartagena.

Despite being away from official competitions, the Colombian athlete continued to work hard, with the goal in mind of becoming a world champion and leaving the name of Colombia at the top of this sport. In the year 2022, already 27 years old, the weightlifter has met all her goals, entering the history books of national sports.

During the 2022 season, Álvarez had a winning streak. Her year of competitions started in the best way, first she won the championship in the Bolivarian Games, and a few months later she won the gold medal in the senior Pan American Games and in the South American Games.

The icing on the cake came in December, in which the Colombian has won two gold medals in the Weightlifting World Cup held in the city of Bogotá. In this competition, the one born in Valle del Cauca took advantage of her locality, demonstrating her mettle and preparation to become the world champion.

At the time of winning the gold medal, the weightlifter commented on how important her process has been in this sport and how fundamental her mettle has been to overcome all the adversities she has suffered. In addition to this, Álvarez sent a clear message of inspiration to future generations of weightlifters. “It's incredible to win in front of my people, in my country, I'm too happy. I always wanted to be a world champion, now my goal is to be an Olympic champion and be an example for future generations."

Recognition of her great season

Given this kind of performance in 2022, the weightlifter from Cali has been named the athlete of the year by the Colombian Olympic Committee. In this award, Álvarez surpassed athletes such as Ingrit Valencia and Kevin Quintero, who had excellent performances in their competitions.

With this recognition, Yenny Álvarez has become one of the most relevant exponents of Colombian sports, being one of the most influential letters for the Colombian Olympic Committee in the next world competitions.

New challenges

After managing to leave her mark in the Weightlifting World Cup and in national sport, the Colombian has made it clear that her new challenge is the 2024 Paris Olympics, a competition in which she hopes to be victorious again. With this proposed goal, Yenny Álvarez becomes one of the great candidates to get a new gold medal in the Olympic Games.

In addition to mentioning that her main goal is to reach the Olympic Games, the world champion has highlighted that she wants to continue on the victorious path in all the competitions she competes in, since she considers that she still has a lot to give to the national sport. "I must continue preparing myself like what I have been doing and live day by day, because we have nothing written, so continue preparing and taking care of myself as I have been doing."

For now, the Colombian athlete will continue preparing for the upcoming competitions, since she has confirmed that she will be participating again in the Pan American Games and in the next World Cup, so she still has a long way to go before reaching Paris 2024. "The Games are coming Pan Americans, we continue with the World Cup, with the Olympic Games and that everything is welcome”.

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