Buenos Aires, the “smartest” city in Latin America

The South American city ranked 83rd on the list

The Modernization, Innovation, and Technology minister Andy Freire, celebrated the acknowledgement of Buenos Aires as “the smartest city” in Latin America. The award was given and certified by the Madrid Business Institute (Instituto Empresa de Madrid).

The Buenos Aires’ politician highlighted that that the Intelligent City Index, which measures cities in 180 countries around the world, “is valued as the most reliable standard” evaluating 79 indicators of 10 dimensions of urban life such as public transportation, government transparency, quality of the environment, and waste treatment.

Buenos Aires ranked 83rd on the list. Freire stated, “We are half way there, but if we consider that there are countries like South Korea, cities like Berlin, New York, London, Paris, San Francisco […] the truth is that being first in Latin America, which is the market in which we compete, is very good”.

Freire clarified that his administration priority is not seeking worldwide recognition when it comes to city ranking, he would rather work on more tangible opportunities and innovative solutions for the South American city.

LatinAmerican post | Daniel Posada
Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

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