Digital Content, a World of Opportunities for Women

Information and communication technologies have become an empowerment tool through which support and recognition spaces are led that can be evidenced in digital media.

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The Internet has changed the way we approach others and the use of technologies has forced human beings to adapt to new forms of communication such as abbreviating words to SMS, incorporating emoticons and emojis, until the birth of social platforms that reinvented the way to socialize from anywhere in the world.

Information and communication technologies have become an empowerment tool through which support and recognition spaces are led that can be evidenced in digital media, either on a web page or on social networks, relying on multimedia resources to create quality content.

Women have ventured into the world of technology and specifically in the field of content creation, where the actions and roles of women are highlighted through digital media, disseminating ideas and undertakings, promoting gender equality and diversification. The success of these digital messages is not only in the publication of them but in the creation of quality content, useful for its followers, with its own style and updated.

A Way To Transmit Realities

More and more women are dedicated to publishing content and although there are several reasons that drive them to use this medium, the truth is that to create topics on digital platforms you must be clear about why they are done, either as a purpose of life, to deliver the best, or as the tool where connection spaces are generated with a reason "the content must go hand in hand with one's reality, it must be something that one respects and considers interesting," says the journalist and presenter Mónica Fonseca.

For Heny Cuesta, producer with an ethnic focus and director of Cimarron Producciones, digital content has been a fundamental part of making sense of her as a woman from the point of view of activism "is to be able to speak from diversity and touch on issues from my community…is to think how sensitivity moves us."


To Plan or Not the Creative Process

When talking about content for digital media, it would be thought that perfect planning is always needed for the information to be published and achieve the desired impact, however, this is not a golden rule that applies in all cases as just as women's personalities are diverse, in the same way, their work methodologies are very varied with regard to digital issues. "I live from an unstructured structure… content is useful to me if things are connected with my life, not if people are connected," says actress and presenter Valentina Lizcano, while for Gina Rodríguez, a beneficiary of the TICs Mujer del Ministry of ICTs in Colombia, if it is important to have the structure of what you want to communicate in order to maintain a logical sequence in the messages you want to transmit, "what we transmit must be consistent with what we do on a day-to-day basis."

Social Media Benefit Women

Contrary to what ordinary people may think, social networks are not only to earn money and although many women have managed to benefit financially through this medium, women who work in digital content must be clear. They have to learn to balance the charges so as not to become slaves of those same networks, nor to sell honesty to obtain more followers, not to lose sight of the fact that you have a great responsibility when informing.

Women are communicators par excellence and social networks are for all of them, therefore, we must learn to use them judiciously and to use digital tools as effective instruments to achieve female empowerment in the new world of digital communication.

Under this perspective, our digital medium The Woman Post is the space for permanently communicating women, political scientists, psychologists, therapists, and psychologists to generate articles of interest, conduct interviews, cover relevant and current events, thus carrying messages around the panorama of realities. and trends in terms of gender.

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