Do you have something that you no longer use? Sell it online

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Aunque algunas personas tienen miedo, las ventas en línea son cada vez más simples y confiables.

Do you have something that you no longer use? Sell it online

Si la tendencia de limpieza de Marie Kondo ha llegado a su hogar, es probable que haya encontrado muchos objetos que no ha usado durante mucho tiempo. Una venta de garaje podría ser una buena opción, pero aprovechando el hecho de que estamos en el siglo XXI, puede poner todo en Internet y venderlo tal vez más rápido.

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At present, almost everything can be found on the net: food, clothing, furniture, tickets of all kinds and almost anything we imagine, so someone might be waiting for what you no longer use. According to the Merca2.0 site, the penetration of electronic commerce reaches 56.2% of the world population, by 2023 the trend will be 61.8%, that is, the electronic market will be even wider.


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If this is your first time or if you already have experience, take advantage of these tips that could help you sell more easily:

1. Make clear the conditions in which the object is: Although it seems obvious, some people sell second-hand things as if they were new, remember that in the end, in e-commerce what matters is the reputation of the seller and the buyer, plus, based on good faith and trust.

If the object you are selling is used, specify it, if you never really used it and it is in its original packaging, also add it to the information. If the object that arrives to the buyer is different from the described, it could resort to the return or other measures that can take the pages of purchase and sale.

2. Specify how the payment and shipping will be: Some sales platforms allow you to decide which means of payment to accept and whether the delivery will be personal or by parcel delivery if the case specifies your conditions.

Other platforms, such as Mercado Libre, only accept their platform for payments and shipping by parcel, with which they keep the money monitored and can respond to any claim for dissatisfaction of any of the parties or for any attempt at fraud. Of course, this protection to the buyer offered by some platforms is not available when it is not handled through its means of payment or delivery.


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3. Take care of your information: If you are going to sell something online, do not give your addresses or account numbers. To receive money, you can use any of the payment systems that maintain your private information: PayPal, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Masterpass, LG Pay, Microsoft Pay, among others, which will never reveal your card data to any page.

4. Check the reputation of who buys you: The sales pages use similar scoring systems to rate the performance of users, you can see who closes a sale quickly, comments from other sellers, response time and more. Of course, a high rating will not give you 100% guarantees, but it will make your sale more reliable.


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5. Maintain communication with the buyer: Once you have agreed with the buyer everything about the sale, keep in touch all the time and have your contact information at hand to solve doubts and monitor everything, a seller who is not pending of their buyers generates distrust and bad reputation.


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6. Review the cancellation, refund or claim policies: Each platform is different and is adjusted differently according to the laws of each country, so review how you proceed in case of cancellation, refund or claim, what you are entitled to and in what cases does the page protect you if the buyer is in breach of any of the policies.

Lose the fear of purchases and sales online: using the security tools of banks and the same pages, everything becomes more reliable.

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