Five co parenting apps you need to know about

We understand that parenting may be challenging for you and your partner, but help is out there as an app.

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Co parenting requires patience, love, and the ability to engage. Even though it might be difficult to keep track of everything you have to do, there are certain apps out there that will do ir for you. 

1. OurHome

As read on Innovation and tech today, these app is very useful when it comes to task management. It is free for both Android and iOS devices and will help you fix the chaos at home. The app offers a shared calendar so you can assign tasks to every member, including kids, and keep track of wnat has been done. When kids complete their labors, they can ears rewards, a very good estrategy for creating good life skills in their lives. OurHome also offers a shared grocery list and a family group chat. 

2. Amicable

This app is designed for parents that are going through a divorce. As read on She Knows, it encourages parents to keep it friendly and work together for one shared goal: their children. With Amicable you can reach fair agreements, reduce costs of the separation process, create a budget, create a parenting plan, among others. 

3. Scholly

This one is a scholarship search app that provides detailed information about scholarships and opporunities for your child. With it, you can enter your child's interest and find their perfect match. As read on Innovation and tech today, it works perfectly if your child is about to enter college; however, it can be very helpful when they are in a mid age because it helps you compare prices and create a financial plan.

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4. Our Family Wizard

This app, used all over the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom helps parents create a healthy co parenting. Records on that app can even get to therapists, lawyers and mediators in order to keep it professional. It has a tone meter that, as read on WGN, works as a spellcheck for your attitude. Do you really want to say that? This app makes you think it twice. 

“This message could be construed by the coparent. And the goal is always how do we get the family moving forward past the conflict because the real focus should be on the children,” said Jai Kisson, CEO of Our Family Wizard, to WGN. 

5. 2Houses

This app, as read on Fatherly, offers an interactive calendar that helps parents with scheduling conflicts. It also gives you the chance to write down information about your child that may be easy to forget, such as blood type, social security numbers, among others. Finally, it lets you keep track of your expenses and your account balance.



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