The App That Measures The Household Chores Of Men And Women To Promote Equity

It's no secret that household chores around the world are predominantly taken care of by women, but the equity hour its arrived. While many men watch football lounging on the living room couch or gather with friends for fun, their partners attend to the children, do the grocery shopping, wash clothes, or clean the house. Fortunately, not all men adopt this careless attitude.

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The algorithms of this innovative application will tell women around the world whether they are or aren't on equal footing with men when it comes to household chores: Who does more tasks? Who rests while the other works? Do women do more and men less, or is it the other way around? Is it fair to have inequality in the division of household responsibilities?

The announcement about this app that transcends the walls of family homes was made by Angela Rodriguez, Secretary of the Spanish Ministry of Equality, in Geneva, Switzerland, before the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

Statistics from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) indicate that Spanish women dedicate more than double the amount of time to household chores compared to men: while women work for 5 hours, men only spend 2 hours.

Rodriguez explained to CEDAW that the Spanish government is focusing its attention on shaping policies that prevent male-chauvinist violence and promote equality through reconciliation, considered a right for all citizens. To that end, they will invest a sum of 200 million euros in designing the strategy called the "Corresponsables Plan”.

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Equality in household chores

The application would need to be voluntarily installed on the mobile phones of interested individuals who, through the collected data, could measure the time that men, women, and other family members spend on cooking, childcare, grocery shopping, laundry, and house cleaning, among other things.

The algorithms will generate data that will help the Ministry of Equality conclude the inequalities that affect women within their homes in terms of domestic work. An investment of 210,000 euros was made for the development of the application proposed by Angela Rodriguez, as well as the design of a website that generates information on the subject.

Following the announcement, several Spanish media outlets took to the streets to ask people about their thoughts on this new application. Many men stated that they "help" their partners at home without specifying the number of hours they contribute, and a woman questioned why they use the verb "help" when household chores are the responsibility of both partners and even children if they are of suitable age to contribute.

Who is Angela Rodriguez?

Everyone recognizes her as "Pam," and she has been an activist since a young age. She describes herself on social media as "Galician, bisexual, and feminist." She holds a degree in philosophy and doesn't hesitate to share photos of her daily life alongside her partner, also dedicated to politics, Allende Marina Palomo Jiménez.

Rodriguez is known in Spain as an assertive government official who speaks her mind, although she has publicly acknowledged that she is deeply affected by the attacks against her due to her fight against weight stigma.

"Pam," the driving force behind the application that will mark the path to equality for men and women in household chores, announced that this resource will be available in the coming months, aiming for equity.

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