The new electric wheelchair presented at CES 2020

Through the development of technology and engineering, it is possible to create products for people with disabilities that improve their daily lives.

Attendees explore the CES 2020 show floor.

Attendees explore the CES 2020 exhibition floor. / Photo: CES®

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Former employees of Nissan, Toyota, Sony and Olympus have brought together their engineering and design knowledge to provide people with disabilities with help through the new functions that technology can offer us today.

Previously, wheelchairs were really heavy, forced the client to use excessive force to transport and did not give much comfort. For some years, many engineers began looking for ways to help the disabled population.

Recently one of the most innovative launches in the medical industry took place at the largest technology convention. Engineers and designers hand in hand with the Japanese brand Whill developed an new electric wheelchair that allows a better transport of the person along with great technological advances.

Whill Model M wheelchair

This wheelchair has a really light weight that allows the patient's assistant to carry the chair more easily, which in turn is removable. Additionally, it has an LED screen that will indicate if the chair is running or in reverse, in addition to 4 different speeds to choose from.


In the right hand is an ergonomic joystick that will be the means by which the person can drive freely without the need for physical effort. One of the technological advantages of this model is its tire traction, which allows an ideal 360 ° turn for better driving.

Additionally and as another innovation is a mobile application that will allow the person or companion to drive the chair through the screen of their cell phone, without a doubt the best use of applied technology.

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Although this model was the most recent one published at the CES 2020 convention for some years now, other brands have been in favor of industrial medical innovation through wheelchairs.

One of the most notable is the Scewo brand, who thought of places with stairs that are impossible to access with a wheelchair, therefore, through a pulley mechanism such as those of war tanks, they managed to make a system so that the chair can independently transverse stairs with great ease, a great innovation.

Industrial engineering brought to the vulnerable population.

Although the two previous models are part of an incredible technological advance, their prices that are in the $ 13,000 USD range do not make them accessible to the entire population that suffers from some type of movement disability.

That is why many young entrepreneurs eschew awards and business profitability to focus on the most economically affected communities that also have the needs of assisted mobility.



This is the case of the Colombian company Kit Smile , made up of two young students, who from their experience have managed to create a really economical product, but one that is functionally adapted to children between the ages of 2 and 12 who have some type of paralysis. The product will be able to adapt to 3 positions (Food, exercises and rest) allowing ease of accommodation.

The foundation company does not charge families who are part of a highly vulnerable population, instead, they seek the help of people who, through donations and sponsorship, pay for the product.

Regardless of the source of the invention or the business process, these cases of technology and engineering are part of the current development aimed at specific populations that day by day seek help to improve their daily lives.


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