The reasons for Xiaomi’s sucess

The launch of the new Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 shows us something: that the company is a sales success

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Xiaomi has become one of the brands that leads the sales of smartphones. / Photo: Unsplash

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Little by little, almost without us realizing it, Xiaomi began to sneak into the companies with the most sales throughout the planet. When consumers are asked about their preference for this brand, they always argue that it is the “best value for money on the market”.

For example, one of its new models, known as Xiaomi Redmi Note 9, was analyzed by Xataka Android. There it is described as a device that will seek "the conquest of quality-price", offering some really good features for the low price it has. 

In this sense, sales are reflected on a global scale. For example, the website of El Androide Libre comments that, in March of this year, for the first time in its history, the Chinese company surpassed Huawei in terms of sales. All this shows us that we are in an important trend, where consumers are becoming loyal to this brand, which has some very interesting features.

Why is Xiaomi so successful with its products?

Paradoxically, this Chinese company is not solely dedicated to the smartphone sector, despite the fact that a large part of its income comes from this area. In contrast, the Topes de Gama page mentions that it has a wide variety of gadgets to personalize the home, many of which are sold through a collective fundraising platform.

There we can already see one of the main reasons that explain the good sales of Xiaomi: it is committed to sales in high quantity and at a low unit price. The idea of mass production implies giving a benefit to the consumer, who is taking good technological products, many of which are revolutionary for the sector.

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This situation can be seen, for example, with a successful harness to straighten the back, which, according to the Xiaomi4mi page, became a success in sales. At the same time, the brand has a line of smartphones that is quite extensive. In other words, the catalog offers products to satisfy all consumers, that is, those who are looking for high-end devices and those who only want a high-performance device. 

This causes a problem, in the sense that, as revealed by the Computer Hoy website, understanding the manufacturer's ranges can be difficult, due to the enormous offer on the market. However, when we understand it, we begin to see that its three lines (Redmi, Redmi Note and Mi) have excellent features and varied prices.

So, we start from an interesting base: all those interested can find a model that meets their expectations. Specifications that vary include the cameras, a bigger screen, a more advanced processor, different configurations of RAM or storage, among others.

At the same time as there is a wide offer and constant renewal, there is one parameter that is of most interest to buyers: the enormous balance between quality and price in the market. That is why, as the Estrella Digital website indicates, there are more and more users who want a smartphone with good features without having to spend as much money, as would happen with their competitors.

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To cite an example, the recently launched Redmi Note 9 costs about $ 220, while the iPhone 11 comes out at about $ 849. Some will say that the specifications are different, something that everyone agrees on. However, the difference between the two products is abysmal, which leads many users to look for that intermediate product, where Xiaomi is positioned excellently well.

The last key point is that, in addition to having good features, these are performance phones. A person who wants a model of the latest generation of the brand must spend more time searching within this extensive catalog, but without getting into debt. At the end of the day, arguably, these are phones that are aimed at the middle class that seeks quality but avoids exorbitant prices. 

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