These are the 3 smartest cities in Latin America

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Which are the smartest cities in Latin America? Here we tell you

These are the 3 smartest cities in Latin America

174 cities in 80 countries were studied by the Cities in Motion index (cities in motion, in Spanish) that evaluated the most intelligent cities based on governance, environment, economy, human capital, international projection, social cohesion, technology, transportation, among others.

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London heads the list, followed by New York and Amsterdam. Within the first 50 positions, there is no Latin city, only until the position number 66 appears a capital of this region. Here we tell you which are the 3 smartest cities in Latin America.

1. Santiago de Chile is located in square 66, making it the most intelligent city in the region. The city occupies this position in the ranking thanks to the evolution in the environment and urban planning. He went from number 73 to 66.

According to the report, Santiago "is designed to respond to the needs of the inhabitants and improve their quality of life." Cities in Motion qualifies this city as one of the most innovative in Latin America.

2. Buenos Aires: the Argentine capital is located in box 77 and the second position at the regional level. This year, the capital of Gauchos fell in the ranking; last year it ranked 65th. Buenos Aires stands out in the dimensions of environment, international projection, governance, and urban planning.

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The capital has been recognized in other rankings as occupying the position Best Student Cities Ranking 2018, in which it is in the 25th place as one of the places chosen to study; and in the Global Liveability Index as the city best positioned by The Economist. Cities in Motion highlights the work that is being done in road construction to alleviate traffic problems.

3. Montevideo: in position 92 is the Uruguayan capital, thanks to the care of the environment. However, its score in transport and mobility was low, which earned third place in Latin America. The city has improved, like Santiago de Chile, and it moved from box 97, which it occupied last year.

After Montevideo, the index includes other cities in Latin America but occupy low positions that surpass the 100th place. For example, San Jose, Costa Rica is in 112th place, and Panama City is in square 114. Caracas, Venezuela is in box 172, and this corresponds to the low quality of life that citizens face due to the political and economic crisis in the oil country.

The index highlights that "Latin America is one of the regions with the highest urban concentration on the planet, so the challenges facing these cities are increasingly global and there are problems common to all of them."


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