Why do some iPhones have such low battery life?

When opting for an Apple phone, users doubt the battery capacity.

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When users search for a good quality phone, one of the parameters they measure is that of autonomy. With the advancement of technology, batteries increasingly come with increased capacity and performance. For example, the ComputerHoy website mentions that the Samsung Galaxy M51 could be the first phone of the brand with 7000 mAh of battery, being a gigantic figure, even by today's standards.

In this regard, many technology companies are having substantial improvements within the battery life of a mobile phone. Although the load is influenced by the use that we give to the device (for example, the level of brightness or the use of many applications simultaneously) there is a brand that has always been accused of not "paying too much attention" to this aspect: Apple .

For example, the specialized website of La Manzana Mordida highlights that iOS 13.5.1, the latest update of the iPhone operating systems, is consuming more battery than normal due to abnormal use of Apple Music. However, this autonomy problem was already present since these phones came out, although over time they have been able to improve. Why does this happen? Let's see all the details.

The problem of battery in Iphones

First of all, we must say that Apple is synonymous with quality. For example, the media The Computer Group highlights that the apple operating system has better controlled hardware, optimal performance and stability and exclusive applications. That is, all the parameters that make many people lean towards them, although there is something that tormented many people: battery life.

One of the first values that we must measure is the amount of milliamps per hour that their batteries have. Take for example the iPhone 8, launched in 2017 and which, according to what the Xataka media highlights, managed to "take the laurel wreath in world sales". This phone has 1,821 mAh, while any current Android phone integrates, almost at least, about 4,500 mAh.

Following this logic, the specialized Andro4All website mentions that a milliamp is a "reference for the electric charge that the battery is capable of storing". That is, each battery has a capacity to store charge, which will depend on both the dimensions and the materials, so the greater the number of milliamps, the longer the battery will discharge.

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So, one should ask: why did iPhones never integrate large milliamp batteries? Well, it all depends on the components that are used and the balance that is achieved with the performance of the software. For example, the Spanish media highlights that the iPhone 11, one of the latest models on the market, integrates only 3,110 mAh, being a low figure by the standards that Android models handle.

However, for these models, the autonomy problem “is already solved”. That is, although we measure it by numbers, Apple's operating system manages the battery in a different way and its processors have been completely improved. This means that even with batteries of small physical dimensions (which allows it to maintain the simplistic aesthetics that characterize iPhones), today's models perform well.

Although there are things at the hardware level that cannot be changed, some adjustments can always be made to improve the durability and life of the battery . For example, the Applesfera website mentions that it is most likely that there are applications that consume a lot of autonomy, so in Mobile settings you can filter according to the amount of energy they consume and you can remove them from the list you use.

In addition, other tips that always work, even on older models , are to lower the screen brightness, use the battery saving mode or disable the location service. In the worst case, a battery replacement will be required.

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