Toyota tacoma

2023 Toyota Tacoma Will Add to Toyota's Reinvigorated Truck Lineup

Toyota isn’t exactly known for its lineup of trucks, but when it comes to Tacoma, it is undoubtedly one of the more popular vehicles from the manufacturer

Woman doing yoga

Does Digitalization Promote Happiness and Well-Being?

All generations of the world look for the easiest way to maintain their well-being and identify with healthy products.

Computer's room

Opinion: The Importance of Free Software for Learning in Latin America

Free software should be promoted in educational institutions in Latin America for a fairer education

Dashboard on the trolley

Pay To Starting Your Car? The Horrors That The Automotive Industry Plans

Subscription services are the bleak future of the auto industry

Social Networks Are Also a Helpful Tool To Prevent Suicide

Sometimes, preventing suicide is a matter of sending out the right message at the right time. Social media represents a new channel to reach out to many people that need help but have not looked for appropriate assistance.

Barbados map

Opinion: The Embassy In The Metaverse Of Barbados Is Useless

Barbados announced that it has plans to create an embassy in the metaverse, futuristic action, or populist measure?

Planet with the moon

Only 8 hours? These are the Planets with the Shortest Years

The universe is full of singularities and each celestial body has different speed. The planets with the shortest years are fast, hot and inhospitable

Event invitation

FITS Gender 2021: Social Impact and Technology

In the sector related to technologies, video games, programming, software, and the like, the gender gap in opportunities and pay equity persists.

Codes projected onto a woman

Work In the Metaverse: A Future Problem?

The possibility of the Metaverse raises questions regarding of labor in virtuality

Bitcoin coins

Noise Pollution of Cryptocurrencies: A Problem that Worries

The noise pollution of cryptocurrencies is a serious problem which is not talked about much

Person holding a tablet with Youtube application

No More Dislikes On YouTube? How The Platform Got Worse

Removing dislikes on YouTube is the latest in a long list of decisions that have made the platform worse

Man using his cell phone

The 10 Online Media Behind The Lies About Climate Change

These publications are behind 69% of the lies about climate change that are spread on the Internet

Woman using a virtual reality glasses

"Metaverse Skin": Living and Feeling the Virtual World?

The metaverse has the people excited for new technologies. Here we explain what the metaverse skin consists of, one of the most interesting gadget we have seen

Still from the series 'The Squid Game'

"Squid Game" And Other Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency scams have become popular, taking advantage of the ignorance and greed of many

Woman reviewing a instagram profile

Digital Content, a World of Opportunities for Women

Information and communication technologies have become an empowerment tool through which support and recognition spaces are led that can be evidenced in digital media.

Woman working on laptop

Community Managers: Newest Digital Job Opportunity for Women?

Many women want to have an incredible digital job opportunity. Why Community Management can be a great option?

Arceneaux Hayley

The Amazing Story Behind Astronaut Hayley Arceneaux

This incredible woman is the first astronaut in space with a prosthesis on her body.

Monitor displaying index html

How To Start Data Science With Python Certification


The Training course in Data Science with Python is designed for those learning enthusiasts who want to master Python and have an equal zeal to start their career in Data Science

Cellphone showing applications on gray cloth

Disconnected? These Are Some Alternatives To WhatsApp

Here are some alternatives to WhatsApp so that you are not cut off from the world again

Captain zoya

Zoya Sapra Aggarwal, Example of Conviction for Equality

Captain Zoya Aggarwal, who is commander of AI 176, dreamed of aviation since she was 11 years old. In a recent interview, she mentioned how she would look at the stars all night and be fascinated by the trail that flying planes left.