Man playing with a cellphone

Smartphones for gamers, the new trend in the industry

With the video game market growing and generating huge profits, laptop and smartphone makers are adapting to mobile gaming

Sheryl Sandberg in her TED Talk

The 5 TED Talks by women most recognized around the world

These five leaders from different countries will blow your mind with their inspirational talks that became viral.

Poster of the event 'Woman Game Jam'

WOMEN GAME JAM 2020 is coming

The most famous development sleepover in Latin America, will be held simultaneously in an event convened by organizations from across the continent

Man using his cell phone

What is doomscrolling and why could it affect you?

Informing ourselves can be a great option to know the state of the world in the pandemic. However ... did you know that it can also be counterproductive?

Katie Stack Morgan

Five women who are part of the perseverance Mars 2020 project

NASA's Perseverance Mars 2020 Rover Mission heads to the red planet to search for signs of life

Publicity photo of Hedy Lamarr for film Comrade X.

This Hollywood actress developed the technology of today's smartphones

The most glamourous actress in the early days of Hollywood was also one of the most significant technological minds of the 20th century

Two women working with a computer.

The Cyberwomen of America challenge returns

It's the third edition of an event for women of the fourth industrial revolution

Person holding smartphone

COVID-19: Social media users more likely to believe false information

Social media linked to behaviours that undermine efforts to curb the pandemic

Man wearing a mask and code is projected onto him.

What is the difference between Dark and Deep Web?

When we talk about Internet secrets, the two concepts are often used interchangeably

Photograph of a wedding on a laptop

This is how this couple lived their Zoom wedding

Rosa and Alberto explain the reasons that led them to celebrate their wedding virtually despite the current contingency

Leticia Gammill

Influential women in cybersecurity were recognized

Female experts from across America were awarded for their contributions to cybersecurity.

Person behind a computer wearing a mask

How to protect your social media from hackers

Cyber attacks on any social network regardless of the number of followers are more common every day, but they can be prevented

iPhone with its accessories and packaging box

Why do some iPhones have such low battery life?

When opting for an Apple phone, users doubt the battery capacity

Woman working with robotics

The world's 50 most famous women in robotics

Analytics Insight has highlighted the most empowered women in global robotics

Person holding a cell phone showing the Android logo.

Everything that the beta of Android 11 brings

Let's see all the changes that will be incorporated in the devices that have this operating system

Woman sitting in profile

Tech giants unite against violence and abuse of women

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and UN Women launched an online initiative against gender violence

Techniques used by the new Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing, the technology that will revolutionize video games

Let's see what it is and how it will optimize graphics

Signal tower

Is 5G harmful to the environment or your health?

There are many suspicions about the possible risks of 5G technology. Let's see what it is for and if it would bring any consequences

iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20

These are the 3 highest-end smartphones of the main tech companies

If you plan to buy a first-class cell phone, these are the phones offered by the most important smartphone manufacturers

Three cell phones of the 'BlackBerry' brand.

Remember BlackBerry? These are the reasons for its disappearance

From being the most revolutionary and best-selling phone in the world to remaining only in people's memory, what happened to BlackBerry?