Amal Clooney, Admired and Loved for Her Vocation to Justice

"All women, regardless of our origin, our religion or the geographical area where we come from, have something in common: our experiences and life experiences, situations that are common to us women," said the international lawyer in a speech on human rights activist, Amal Clooney.


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Amal Ramzi Alam Uddin was born in Lebanon, a country where she lived her early childhood under a war conflict that lasted for 15 years, she knows well the sound of weapons and the havoc left behind by violence, which makes her the causes that he follows as a jurist are not alien to her.

Before a UN commission in 2017, she declared: "it is terrifying to see how governments or international organizations remain impassive in the face of barbaric acts committed against humanity, there can be no peace without justice", referring to the persecution and extermination of Yazidis and other religious minorities in Iraq and Syria at the hands of the Islamic State, against whom he filed an international Human Rights trial together with Nadia Murad, a Yazidi woman who survived the episodes of kidnapping, torture and rape to which members of that group subjected her in Iraq.

She has filed an international case against ISIS, and closely follows the trials against this organization. In 2021, a conviction was obtained against a jihadist in Germany, a triumph that serves not only to make visible the repeated violation of human rights against women and minorities, and give it the attention it deserves, but also talks about women escaping the war, who are educated, emancipated and from their position open paths so that governments cry out for justice and other women can aspire to a different life far from terror, discrimination, and death.

Amal settled in Great Britain as a child, studied there, and later studied law at Oxford before moving to New York and continuing her studies while doing an internship, specializing in Human Rights, International Law, Criminal Law, and Extradition.

She is Muslim, her father is Druze and her mother is Sunni, 2014 she has been married the actor George Clooney (hence her current last name), which has led her to be constantly under the spotlight, in this regard, she has declared: " I don't consider myself a celebrity but if this serves as publicity to focus on the causes that I defend, then it is necessary to take advantage of it".

George, before meeting Amal, was already defending humanitarian causes and then created the Clooney Foundation for Justice to combat this: by waging justice, one case at a time. He constantly expresses her admiration and support for Amal's work in defense of people whose freedoms are restricted – including the freedom to express themselves or be an activist. In 2017, an alliance was made with Unicef, with the support of Google.org and HP Inc., with the support of Google.org and HP Inc., for which they contributed 2.25 million dollars, destined to open seven public schools for almost 3,000 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon.  

In 2018, they launched the Trial watch initiative, which aims to monitor those trials in courts where probable abuse is perceived and to classify judicial systems internationally. In Amal's words:

“Today, courts all over the world are used as tools of oppression. Governments get away too easily with imprisoning opposition figures, silencing critics, and persecuting vulnerable groups through the courts. Trial monitoring will shine a light on these abuses,”

More information at this link: https://cfj.org/ and video:

Amal dazzled those attending the 2018 American Film Institute gala, in which the honoree was her husband, and the speech she gave moved George and the public to tears for being a sign of love, and admiration for him and showing support for her career, saying: “In some ways, it is much easier for me to address a court on behalf of a detainee than to speak here in public for the first time about my husband”… “But I do it because I am immensely proud to see everything that he has achieved”.

In October 2022 at a charity gala organized by the Clooney Foundation, Amal organized the first edition of the Albie Awards which reward the work of those who fight and fight for human rights, whose headquarters was the New York Public Library. and was attended by the most prominent actors and actresses in the industry, as a show of support for the tireless and valuable work that they have been doing.

Amal is part of the cabinet of Doughty Street Chambers and among her clients are prominent names such as Julian Assange (WikiLeaks), Nadia Murad (Nobel Peace Prize 2018), and Yulia Timoshenko (former Ukrainian Prime Minister).

Amal is a daughter, mother of twins (Ella and Alexander), wife, activist, lawyer, and human rights defender, but above all, a brilliant, strong, integrated, and emancipated woman.

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