Latin America in Brief: Tremor in Mexico | Feminist Protests in Iran

There was another tremor in Mexico this week, in addition to the one that already occurred on September 19th. In global news, there have been feminist protests in Iran this week. All summarized here .

Tremor in Mexico and Women in Iran

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This week there was a new tremor in Mexico after the one on September 19th. In global news, feminist protests have been taking place all week in Iran and tension between Russia and Ukraine is rising amid threats of nuclear attack and prisoner swaps. On the other hand, the Global Fund receives more than 14 billion dollars for health. Finally, in sports, today Roger Federer will play the last match of his career. The most relevant of the week summarized here.

Tension grows between Russia and Ukraine as they swap prisoners

After the advance of the Ukrainian troops, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, ordered the partial mobilization of troops and also threatened a nuclear response. The highest Russian leader and architect of this war ordered the mobilization of nearly 300,000 reservists. Although the number of soldiers would exceed the Ukrainian forces, analysts insist that it will be very expensive and time consuming for Moscow to equip and train all the personnel. However, this could drag out the conflict for years. Another important announcement made by the Kremlin was to support the annexation referendums that announced the territories of Lugansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhia, territories with a large Russophone population and today under the control of Russian troops. Moscow hopes to repeat the move it made in Crimea, which, after being militarily backed by Russia, joined the Federation and is now an official part of the country, although several nations still recognize it as Ukrainian territory.

The message that most alerted the international community was the threat of the use of nuclear weapons by Russia. Vladimir Putin warned of alleged "statements by some high-ranking representatives of the main NATO states about the possibility of using nuclear weapons of mass destruction against Russia." The Russian leader recalled that his country has the largest nuclear weapons and that it does not he will hesitate to use it if he sees that his nation is threatened Parallel to this escalation in the discourse, Kiev and Moscow carried out the largest exchange of prisoners of war Ukraine released dozens of detainees and a leading pro-Russian Ukrainian oligarch, while the Kremlin left in custody release 215 Ukrainian fighters.

Iran records at least 8 dead since feminist protests

The Central Asian country is experiencing one of the strongest protests against the Ayatollah's regime. Since last week, when Mahsa Amin's death became known, 8 people have been recorded dead, 450 injured and 500 arrested. Most of these claims are against the harsh morality police regime that has persecuted women for decades , forcing them to follow the rules of Sharia (Islamic law). Last Friday, the authorities accepted the death of Amini, after being imprisoned for breaking the strict dress code.

Protests have spread to 15 cities across Iran and Iranian police have used tear gas. However, several videos show the excess of violence against the protesters, who are attacked and beaten by the morality police. The scope of these demonstrations in Iranian society is unknown, but the rejection of a large part of Iranians to the Ayatollah's ultra-conservative regime is evident.

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A new tremor shakes Mexico again

After the 7.7 earthquake that Mexico experienced on September 19, a new earthquake hit the country again in the early hours of September 22. Authorities have confirmed the death of at least 2 people. The epicenter was a municipality called Coalcomán, which is located near the coast of Michoacán. These tremors have left a series of destructions in different places of Mexico. Homes, buildings and schools have been impacted by the earthquake. For this reason, the country is on alert and remembering the earthquake that in 2017 left serious damage and deaths. Aftershocks are expected to continue.

The Global Fund receives more than 14 billion dollars for health

At a donor conference led by Joe Biden, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria secured funding of $14.25 billion. This is a high figure for this type of event, but it did not reach the goal of obtaining 18 billion. Tackling these three deadly diseases right now is urgent, as the crisis caused by COVID-19 has set back or stalled progress. The event led by the United States, which was also the main donor, was held in parallel to the United Nations General Assembly.

Roger Federer will play today Friday 23 the last match of his career

One of the great stars in the history of tennis, will end his career today Friday September 23 at the Laver Cup 2022. Federer announced that he wants to play his last match with Rafael Nadal , who was one of his greatest rivals during his time as player. Although Nadal has not confirmed yet, there is great expectation around this event. It must be remembered that the last official tournament that Federer played was Wimbledon in 2021, where he retired in the quarterfinals. The world of tennis is waiting to say goodbye to one of its greatest legends.

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