Latin America in Short: Germany Seeks Latin American Support | Scandal in Petro Government

This week, German officials have made diplomatic visits to different countries in the region. In Colombia, the Petro Government, for its part, has been embroiled in another scandal. This and more summarized here.

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The region has received this week two German officials seeking Latin American support in international affairs. In more local news, the Petro Government, in Colombia, has been embroiled in a new scandal. The United States and Canada, for their part, have had to deal with a climate emergency this week that has been polluting the air. Contrary to what happens in the Southern Cone, where winter is beginning, and where there has been an outbreak of respiratory diseases in babies. Finally, in sports, Messi has announced his interest in going to MLS while Emerson is crowned European champion. Here we summarize the most relevant of the week.

Germany seeks key support in Latin America

The German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Annalena Baerbock, travels together with the Minister of Labor, Hubertus Heil, to 3 South American countries in search of strengthening diplomatic ties and agreements that can favor all sides. Both Scholz government officials hope to visit Brazil, Colombia and Panama and close vital deals in each of the countries.

In Brazil, for example, they are not only looking for qualified people in areas in which Germany is not strong, but also looking to advance the negotiations of the free trade agreement between the European Union and Mercosur. In Colombia, Baerbock also hopes to create agreements to favor and facilitate the migration of qualified personnel. And on the isthmus, strengthen relationships to ensure the chain of supplements, green energy, among other objectives.

At the meetings, the German government hopes to reach alliances and agreements and also key rapprochements on global issues, such as the war in Ukraine. If it is true that while the Brazilian government maintains a position far from that of Germany and NATO on the Russian invasion, dialogue and diplomacy hope to build from the differences.

Gustavo Petro goes to the masses amid scandal

Thousands of Colombians took to the streets as a show of support for President Gustavo Petro, who is experiencing one of the most difficult weeks since he took office. The marches were called by the same government to generate pressure on Congress, which has refused to approve a list of reforms that Petro has as a priority and were his electoral banners.

However, many parties, including the government coalition, have considered that the Health, Work and Pension reforms have harmful articles. This has generated a rupture in the coalition and today it lacks sufficient votes.

However, this citizen support also comes in response to a series of audios that were made public by the (opposition) magazine Semana. In this, communications between the former Colombian ambassador to Venezuela, Armando Benedetti, and the President's Head of Office, Laura Sarabia, hinted at possible money of dubious origin for Petro's presidential campaign. Bendetti, who in the past was an Uribista, a Santista and an important piece in Petro's campaign, is also seen by many as a symbol of traditional politics within a president who promises change.

Petro and his administration have resorted to their followers so as not to see themselves weak in the midst of a political landscape that is barely going to be 1 year old.

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Impressive smoke from fires covers Canada and the US

The smoke from the forest fires in Canada has reached New York and left impressive images, as if it were an apocalyptic film in sepia. More than 15 US states today exceed levels of air pollution that are harmful to health. Health authorities are on alert for air quality, as millions of people are exposed to this pollution that makes breathing difficult. Thousands of users have shared on networks the difficulty they have breathing and the unpleasantness of the smell that hangs over Canadian and American cities. The phenomenon has its origin in the smoke from the forest fires that have plagued Canada for weeks. Almost every province in Canada is battling some kind of fire, some of which are the most devastating in the country's history. Thousands of people have been temporarily evacuated.

Epidemiological alert for respiratory viruses in babies

The Pan American Health Organization launched an epidemiological alert for the American region due to the increase in hospitalizations in babies due to respiratory viruses. In the Andean region and the southern cone, where winter is beginning, cases of respiratory viruses have skyrocketed. Influenza, coronavirus and respiratory syncytial virus are the three main viruses that are causing hospitalizations, in the entire population, but especially in boys and girls under 2 years of age. The health authorities recommend that the population keep up to date with vaccination plans and increase safety and protection measures to avoid further infections.

Lionel Messi arrives in MLS

After many rumors about his future, Argentine striker Lionel Messi announced to the world his desire to join Inter Miami for the following season, an aspect that came as a surprise to all the footballer's fans. Despite having the intention and to excite the Barcelona fans with his possible return to the Catalan team, the captain of the 'Albiceleste' announced that he prefers to ensure the future of his family by signing a juicy contract with the United States team for various campaigns. This news distances him from the world elite and is the basis for his retirement from the courts.

Emerson: the king of all Europe

Left back Emerson Palmieri conquered the entire European continent in his career as a professional footballer. The 28-year-old player has an unthinkable record for the world of football in the old continent. This past Wednesday he became the first athlete to win the three titles of the most important European competitions. In his time at Chelsea in England, he had the chance to be crowned champion of the Champions League and the Europa League. This season, the defender added his third European title, winning the Conference League with West Ham. With these three titles, Palmieri is the only player to win these three trophies in his career.

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