Latin America in Short: Labor Reform in Colombia | Mariana Pajón in the Guinness Records

This week the Minister of Labor announced some points of the Colombian Labor Reform. In sports, the Colombian Mariana Pajón entered the Guinness Records book. This and more summarized here.

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This week, Georgia turned away from Russia and asked Europe for support in the context of the war in Ukraine. In news from the region, the Minister of Labor in Colombia gave some announcements about the Labor Reform that the Petro government is preparing. On the other hand, 4 Latin American women were recognized this week for their work in the fight against climate change. In addition, PAHO and Spain signed an agreement this week to strengthen organ donation. Finally, in sports, Mariana Pajón entered the Guinness Records book and Djokovic is out of the Miami Open. The most relevant of the week is summarized here.

Georgia moves away from Russia and asks for Europe's support

The country in the Caucasus that borders Russia has taken the streets to protest against its government. Opponents of the current administration called for the withdrawal of a bill that persecuted the opposition and was called "Russian law" due to the similarity of restrictive regulations in the government of Vladimir Putin.

It also drew the attention of a large number of protesters with the flag of the European Union, as a symbol of the fight against authoritarian laws that Georgians see as Russian. This, also affirming the desire to distance themselves from Moscow, with which they have geographical and historical ties (Georgia was part of the Soviet Union). Additionally, they saw that a restrictive and undemocratic law could hinder the dream of joining the European group. Precisely, several European leaders such as the head of foreign policy, Josep Borrell, considered that this law could have serious consequences in relations with the European Union.

Colombia: Government seeks that the upbringing of each child grant 50 weeks of pension to mothers

The Minister of Labor of the Government of Gustavo Petro, Gloria Inés Ramírez, announced that she seeks to create a pension bonus of up to 50 weeks of contribution for women for each child and a maximum of 3. This measure seeks to recognize the domestic work of many housewives mothers who do not see their paid work, nor protected.

This is one of the elements that is part of the labor reform and pension reform that President Petro will pass to the Colombian Congress in the coming weeks. Ramírez also announced that this will not be the only proposal related to care work and gender equality, since paternity leave of up to 12 weeks has also been promoted since 2025.

4 Latinas recognized for their leadership in the fight against climate change

On Women's Day, the Reuters agency highlighted 25 women from around the world for their commitment and action in the fight against climate change. Of these, 4 are Latin American women with the power to promote profound transformations. To begin with, two ministers were highlighted. One of them is Marina Silva, Brazil's Minister of the Environment, who has experience with union movements and the protection of the Amazon. The other is Susana Muhamad, Minister of the Environment of Colombia, who in addition to her position in the current government was one of the founders of the Fracking-Free Colombia Alliance and former director of climate action planning for Latin America at the Climate Leadership Group of C40 Cities.

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There was also Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados, who leads climate justice issues for the global south, especially for the Caribbean islands, and Nemonte Nenquimo, an indigenous Waorani activist and co-founder of the Ceibo Alliance that works to protect indigenous territories from oil concessions in Ecuador.

PAHO and Spain sign agreement to strengthen organ donation

The Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) signed an agreement to strengthen organ donation and transplantation in the Americas region. This is an alliance that will strengthen the health systems of both regions. It is an agreement of: "Cooperation in legislative matters, the training of professionals, and the discussion of ethical and social aspects related to organ donation and transplantation," according to PAHO.

Mariana Pajón in the Guinness World Records

The queen of BMX has taken the competitions of this sport to another level and is considered one of the greatest exponents of Latin American sports. This is why the Guinness World Records have awarded her for being the athlete with the most Olympic medals in Bicicross. The Colombian has obtained two gold medals in the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games and a silver medal in the games held in Tokyo. At 31 years old, Pajón is the world leader in her discipline and one of the most influential women in Colombia and throughout the continent.

Novak Djokovic will not be in the United States

The Serbian tennis player is currently considered the best in the world in his category, an aspect that has been reflected for several months. Despite this, the United States has closed the doors to him to participate in the Indian Wells and the Miami Open. The determination not to let him enter the country is due to the Serb's refusal to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus, a decision that has come to cost him quite a lot in his sports career. There are already eight competitions in which you cannot participate because you do not get vaccinated.

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