Latin America in Short: Lasso Faces Impeachment | Differences Between Colombia and Peru

This week it was official that the Ecuadorian president, Guillermo Lasso, will have to face a political trial. On the other hand, diplomatic relations between Colombia and Peru become more acrimonious. This and more summarized here .

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Guillermo Lasso will face a political trial to confirm or deny the accusations of embezzlement. On the other hand, the differences between Colombia and Peru grow and hinder diplomatic relations between the two countries. In more global news, scientists find a protein that could prevent metastasis. And the International Court of Justice will rule on the legal obligations of States with respect to climate change. Finally, in sports, the U-17 Weightlifting World Cup ends, which left triumphs for Colombia; while David Alonso makes history in the Moto GP. We summarize here the most relevant news of the week.

Guillermo Lasso will face impeachment

Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso will face a political trial. This was confirmed by the Constitutional Court. This means that the National Assembly (legislative body) will be in charge of investigating and judging whether the president committed embezzlement.

Most of the magistrates gave free rein to the crime of embezzlement, but did not decide to admit the accusations of concussion. This initiative is led by an assembly member from UNES, Social Centro Cristiano and Izquierda Democrática and they accuse Lasso of participating in a corruption scheme of public companies and of using his position to protect those involved.

Now, it will be the control commission that knows the evidence that exists against Lasso in the next 45 days. A minimum of 92 of the 137 votes in the Assembly will be needed to be able to remove the head of state.

Diplomatic relations Colombia – Peru at their lowest levels in decades

The diplomatic relationship between the governments of Colombian President Gustavo Petro and Peruvian President Dina Boluarte are at their lowest level in decades. The most recent event occurred when this week Lima decided to permanently withdraw its ambassador in Bogotá. All this, due to the critical position that the Colombian leftist president has taken regarding the impeachment process of his counterpart Pedro Castillo.

The most recent case of clashes between the two governments occurred in the XXVIII Ibero-American Summit held in the Dominican Republic. Petro regretted the absence of Castillo and said that the former president should be present “Today he should be here, they took him out. He's in jail". This, during the presence of the Minister of Foreign Relations of Peru, Ana Cecilia Gervasi, who later responded “If Pedro Castillo is not here, it is because he staged a coup. If he were, you would have a dictator.”

This is the most critical level of the Colombian-Peruvian relationship, one of the closest in the region, in part, due to their partnership in the Pacific Alliance group. Now Colombia joins the list of Latin American countries without diplomatic relations with Peru, to which Mexico already belonged. This demonstrates the process of regional isolation that the Peruvian executive has been carrying out.

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Scientists find a protein that could prevent metastasis

A group of researchers from the Sloan Kattering Institute discovered that the STING protein helps stop metastasis, specifically in lung cancer. The results were published in the Nature Magazine and create new hope for cancer treatment. The findings suggest that drugs could be used to prevent the appearance of tumors by stimulating this protein. Tests have already been done on mice with lung cancer that were successful in killing off persistent cancer cells.

The International Court of Justice will rule on the climate legal obligations of States

The United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution requesting an advisory opinion from the ICJ on the obligations of States regarding climate change. This initiative, led by Vanuatu, "seeks to establish the legal foundations for climate justice." Thus, it will be reviewed what should be the legal consequences that States should face for their acts and omissions in climate change, as well as in damage to the environment. "The advisory opinion will have enormous potential to focus more clearly such obligations, including towards people in vulnerable situations, and in international cooperation, as well as to provide guidance for future policies and litigation," the UN said in its statement.

World Weightlifting Sub-17: the birth of new talents

The Weightlifting World Cup that took place in the country of Albania left great achievements for Colombian sport, since this competition served to meet new young talents in weightlifting. In this tournament, there were several Colombian athletes who participated and left the name of the country high. Gelen Torres got two gold medals and one silver. Lawren Estrada added a silver medal, for her part, Ingrid Segura was left with two bronze medals. Colombia closes its presentation in this championship with a total of six medals, two gold, two silver and another two bronze.

History in Moto GP

The 16-year-old Spanish Colombian athlete David Alonso has made history in Colombian motorcycling. Despite not being a coffee grower by birth, Alonso entered MotoGP representing Colombia, an aspect that makes him the first motorcyclist from this country to enter this season's top competition in this sport. David arrives in Moto 3 (third division of the GP that brings together all the future talents) after being champion of the Red Bull Rookie Cup 2021, a contest that brings together all the great promises of motorcycling worldwide. Despite not having the best start, the Spanish Colombian continues to emerge as one of the new jewels in this competition.

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