Latin America in Short: Most Dangerous Cities in Latam | Peronism Loses Control in Argentina

This week, the list of the most dangerous cities in the world was published and Latin America leads it. On the other hand, Peronism lost control of the Argentine Senate. This and more in our weekly summary.

View of the city of Tijuana and Cristina Fernandez and Alberto Fernandez

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Latin America and the United States topped the list of the most dangerous cities in the world this week. On the other hand, in Argentina, Peronism has lost control in the Senate due to disagreements with the ruling party. In global news, Venice is running out of water in its canals due to the drought in Italy. In health and wellness news, the UN has warned about the number of women who die from pregnancy or childbirth. Finally, in sports, Mexico will receive a legendary boxing match and Djokovic adds a record to his list.

Latin America and the United States lead the infamous ranking of most violent cities

According to the latest list of the 50 most violent cities in the world, the vast majority of cities are in the Western Hemisphere. Except for Cape Town (12), Durban (15) and Johannesburg (34) in South Africa, they are all in the Americas. The list is headed by Mexico, with 9 of the 10 most violent cities (Colima, Zamora, Ciudad Obregón, Zacatecas, Tijuana, Celaya, Uruapan, Juárez and Acapulco). Colima, number one, has a rate of 181.94 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. The only non-Mexican city in the first 10 is New Orleans, ranked 8 with a rate of 70.56 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. These two countries also contribute more cities to the list. Iraputo, Cuernavaca, Baltimore, Detroit, Memphis, Cleveland, Cancún, Chihuahua, Morelia, León, Milwaukee, Ensenada, Filadelfia and San Luis Potosí are also on the list.

Brazil contributes 10 cities to the list: Mossoró (position 11), Salvador (19), Manaus (21), Feira de Santana (22), Vitoria de Conquista (26), Natal (28), Fortaleza (31), Recife ( 35), Maceió (36) and Teresina (40). Colombia, for its part, has 6 cities on the list: Cali (32), Santa Marta (37), Buenaventura (43), Cartagena (47), Palmira (48) and Cúcuta (49).
Likewise, Jamaica with Kingston (16), Haiti with Port-au-Prince (20), Ecuador with Guayaquil (24), Puerto Rico with San Juan (41), Honduras with San Pedro Sula (42) and the Central District (45) close the list. .

Argentina: Peronism loses control of the Senate

The ruling party has had another strong blow in the year of primary elections. Due to an internal fight within Peronism, four congressmen resigned from the Frente de Todos coalition and declared independence. This means that for this new legislative period, the ruling party does not have the necessary majority and will have to negotiate, even with members of its party. These rebellious politicians consider that the government of Alberto Fernández does not represent their interests and they prefer to "build an alternative" that represents their voters more faithfully.
Thus, Kirchnerism is left with only 31 senators, insufficient for the 37 necessary to reach the necessary quorum and for the approval of reforms that the executive will need today more than ever. Today, the relationship between the two Fernández (Alberto and Cristina) seems to be more fractured than before and the economic crisis that Argentina is going through does not seem to help. This could also weaken Peronism for the next elections.

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UN: "Every two minutes a woman dies from pregnancy or childbirth"

The United Nations has presented a report that indicates that the world has regressed in the attention to pregnant women. In recent years, the number of maternal deaths has increased or stagnated in most regions. The report tracked maternal deaths between the years 2000 and 2020. In the latter, there were 287,000 deaths of pregnant or laboring women. In Latin America and the Caribbean, the maternal mortality rate increased by 15% between 2016 and 2020. "Serious bleeding, hypertension, pregnancy-related infections, complications from unsafe abortions, and underlying diseases that can be aggravated by pregnancy, such as AIDS and malaria, are the main causes of maternal mortality," the United Nations statement said.

Venice runs out of water and with its empty canals

The mythical Venice is running out of water due to the drought that Italy is going through, which is hitting the north of the country especially. This is a phenomenon that is not common at this time of year and surprises the visitors who gather to celebrate the legendary Carnival of Venice. Likewise, dead fish have appeared, due to the unusual conditions, in the channels that carry more mud than water. Experts have estimated that there is an average of 60 centimeters less water, compared to other years. Climate change is one of the biggest concerns for this tourist city, which is already expected to disappear in the future.

Novak Djokovic makes tennis history again

The 35-year-old Serbian tennis player continues to expand his great marks in white sport. The last record that this athlete has broken is to exceed 377 weeks being number one in the world . Last Monday, Djokovic managed to break the mark that the German tennis player Steffi Graf had set for several decades, a mark that has been considered one of the most important in the history of this sport.

Canelo Álvarez confirms his fight in Mexico

The Mexican multi-champion will expose his WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO Super Middleweight titles in Mexican territory. The 32-year-old boxer has confirmed that in May of this year he will be putting his championships in the state of Jalisco at stake, an event that has been classified as a historic act, since 12 years ago, Canelo did not fight in this part from Mexico. His last official fight was in September of last year, a fight that would be essential to specify the boxer's physical condition for this new great event.

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