Latin America in Short: Petro Intercedes for ELN in the EU | Colombian Arrives in the NFL

This week, during his visit to Spain, Gustavo Petro interceded for the ELN to remove this guerrilla from the European Union's list of terrorists. In sports news, a Colombian arrives in the NFL. This and more summarized here .

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In a gesture of trust with the ELN, Petro asked during his visit to Spain that this guerrilla group be removed from the European Union's list of terrorists. In global news, Russia accuses Washington of terrorist attack with drones. In environmental news, the first respiratory syncytial virus vaccine is approved in the United States. In addition, COP28, to be held in November, will include, for the first time, a health agenda. Finally, in sports, this weekend the final of the Copa del Rey will be played. On the other hand, a Colombian athlete arrives in the NFL. We summarize here the most relevant of the week.

Russia Targets Washington Over Terror Attack

During the night of Tuesday, 2 drones tried to attack the Kremlin, according to official Russian information. In a video, it is seen how a drone explodes when it is close to a dome of the building. This attack has been classified by Moscow as a terrorist attack orchestrated from Kyiv.

However, the Russian spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, assured that the decision for this type of attack did not come from Ukraine, but from the United States. He pointed out that it was an order from the West to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin. For its part, the United States assured that it had nothing to do with this fact.

This is not the only Ukrainian attack inside Russian territory. Attacks against pre-war personalities and against the Russian infrastructure have been repeated since the beginning of the conflict. However, this is the first that intends to directly attack the Russian leader.

Gustavo Petro asks the EU to remove the ELN from the list of terrorists

In the midst of his eventful visit to Spain, Colombian President Gustavo Petro asked Spanish President Pedro Sánchez to remove the National Liberation Army from the European Union's list of terrorists.

This request is made in the midst of a dialogue process between the Colombian government and the communist guerrilla, similar to the one carried out by former president Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC. Despite the fact that agreements between the guerrilla group and the government still seem to be far away, Petro's request seems to be a move to generate confidence from his counterpart.

However, despite Colombia's request, the Spanish government said it will study the proposal depending on how the dialogue progress. Pedro Sánchez Coles hopes that the ceasefire on the part of both sides will be respected. Despite the fact that the talks are still early, Spain promised to evaluate whether to take the issue to other member countries of the European Union.

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The first respiratory syncytial virus vaccine is approved in the US

This Wednesday, May 3, the United States Food and Drug Administration, FDA, approved the first vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). It is a vaccine for people over 60 years of age that is successful after six decades of research. Although the approval was made in the United States, it sets a global standard. It is a common disease, which tends to attack children and the elderly more seriously, and develops as an infection that affects the lungs and can cause bronchitis.

Cop28 will include a health agenda for the first time

The next United Nations Climate Change Conference, which will take place in Dubai in November, will have news on its agenda to address health problems associated with climate change. For this, health ministers from around the world will be summoned. One day will be dedicated to discussing how to strengthen health systems so that they are prepared for the new challenges associated with environmental deterioration, pollution and rising temperatures, such as the proliferation of more disease vectors or the spread of new viruses.

Real Madrid vs. Osasuna: the grand final of the Copa del Rey

Real Madrid and Osasuna will face each other this coming Saturday May 6 in one of the most important matches of the season in Spain. In this match, one of the longest-running competitions on the old continent is at stake, so both teams will give everything to win this valuable championship. If they win, Real Madrid will get their 20th Copa del Rey, an aspect that makes them one of the biggest winners of this tournament. Likewise, this would be the first championship of the campaign for those led by Carlo Ancelotti, which could be considered a consolation prize for losing La Liga.

Christian González, the new Colombian in the NFL

The young Colombian Christian González was the 17th pick in the 2023 Draft, and became the first Colombian to be chosen in one of the first positions. His transfer was made by the New England Patriots, a team led by coach Bill Belichick. The 20-year-old player showed all his talent from a very young age, so his choice came as no surprise to anyone. When his signing is completed, González will be the fourth Colombian to play in the NFL, after Jairo Peñaranda in 1981, Fuad Reveiz in 1985 and Fernando Velasco in 2008.

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