Madeleine McAnn and the Unsolved Missing Child Cases

The disappearance of children has been called the umpteenth cancer of modern society. The figures are staggering: eight million children go missing worldwide every year, which is equivalent to more than 20,000 children a day.

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This situation has regained strength in the media and police agencies, and after sixteen years after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, a young Polish woman named Julia Wendell appears in the networks and affirms that she considers herself to be this missing girl, due to the coincidences of some physical characteristics, particularly a particular mark in one of the eyes.

On her personal Instagram account @iammadeleinemcan she has published several photos making comparisons and presenting some hypotheses to reinforce her claims. Several experts have carried out tests with photographs of different ages, and so far they have not confirmed the veracity of her claims. What remains now is to carry out a complete DNA test with Madeleine's parents, to which Julia states that she is willing, to have scientific proof that yields conclusive results.

It is not the first time that a young woman claims to be this missing girl.

An influencer named Maddie shared posts on Tik Tok last year in which she claimed to be Madeleine, presenting alleged physical similarities. In 2019 the young Harriet Brookes had the same genetic spot in one eye. After some investigation and evidence, these cases were dismissed.

This case is added to hundreds, thousands, millions of unsolved events for years, of which we can mention some that have received worldwide attention in the media:

In Spain, mention was made of the cases of Josué Monge, who disappeared at the age of thirteen in the Seville town of Dos Hermanas, and of Juan Pedro Martínez, who disappeared on June 25, 1986, and who has not been heard from since an accident. of transit from which he disappeared.

David Guerrero, nicknamed "El Niño Pintor de Málaga" because of his fondness for drawing and painting, disappeared thirty-five years ago. A theory points to Rudolf Eschmann, nicknamed 'El Suizo' as the main kidnapping suspect, but nothing has been proven to date.

Asha Degree, a resident of northern North Carolina in the United States, left her home at the age of 9 on February 14, 2000, and was never heard from again.

And so, we could mention many other cases whose numbers are increasing day by day.

Main reasons:

According to the Humanium entity, there are types of disappearances of children that can be due to the following reasons: they are Fugitives, or they are victims of parental kidnappings. Children who leave their homes or shelter generally do so because they are victims of violence, abuse, conflictive environments, or the feeling of being abandoned by their parents or caregivers.

Among the reasons why one of the parents kidnaps a boy or girl, may be due to conflicts between the couple and using the minor as an element of pressure or threat, among other factors. Source: https://www.humanium.org/es/enfoques-tematicos/aislamiento-desarraigo/ninos-desaparecidos/

Other reasons:

*When the kidnapping is perpetrated by a pedophile, it is generally done with the clear intention of raping them and, in many cases, murdering them after the crime.

* Black market, labor, and sexual exploitation networks that traffic children internationally.

As a result of this problem, the Belgian organization ICMEC (International Center for missing and exploited children) emerged in 1999. During the last two decades, ICMEC has worked in more than 120 countries. Its purpose and mission are to empower the global community with tools, training, and technology to provide what children require and need for their lives: safety and peace of mind.

For more information about this NGO, you can visit the page https://www.icmec.org/ where you can find its programs and actions.

Even if this issue sensitizes you for some particular reason, The Woman Post invites you to get involved most appropriately by donating resources or disseminating information to prevent this scourge from reaching your community or the socio-cultural environment.

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