The effects of teleworking

A report by the International Labour Organization found teleworking may seem easier but could disrupt people’s work-life balance.

Argentina fights prostitution

Ten transsexuals slammed prostitution in the Argentine city of La Plata by setting up the first hairdressing salon that fights discrimination against their community in the southern country.

Medicine welcomes Mapuches

Argentina opens its first service center to combine modern Western medicine and Mapuche’s tradition in Neuquen province.

Argentina no olvida

La comunidad argentina y la comunidad española, defensores de los derechos humanos y las autoridades políticas rindieron homenaje en Buenos Aires a todas las víctimas de la dictadura y a la única mujer española embarazada que desapareció durante la dictadura de 1976-1983 cuyos restos fueron identificados a principios de esta semana.

Policía argentina investiga propiedades de Kirchner

La expresidenta Cristina Kirchner llegó esta noche a la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, dos días después de que la Justicia ordenara una serie de allanamientos a propiedades de su familia y luego de haber acusado al gobierno de hacer una "persecusión política".

Argentines without Papers Living “Invisible” Lives

They have names and they are Argentine, but they live “invisible” lives in their native land. They were not registered at birth and that makes it difficult for them to get an identity document and get access to the most basic rights

Brexit, Falklands' economy and Argentina

If Britain finally leaves the European Union it might encourage Argentina to be more aggressive, according to Sukey Cameron, Falkland Islands government representative in London

La yerba Mate busca hacer parte de la gastronomía internacional

La emblemática bebida conocida en Argentina, Uruguay y otros países latinoamericanos será exportada a varios países alrededor del mundo.

La emblemática bebida conocida en Argentina, Uruguay y otros países latinoamericanos será exportada a varios países alrededor del mundo.

Down by the riverside

Rosario embodies much of the best and some of the worst of Argentina. Most big cities in Spanish-speaking America were founded by a conquistador. But Rosario just sprang up, in the mid-19th century.

How Argentina's Pumas found their bite

On a cold autumn day 25 years ago, Argentina walked off at Twickenham having been handed a seven-try thrashing by England. They failed to score a single point. Today they are at the Rugby World Cup semifinals

Forget Hollywood, we’ve got Collywood!

Considering the improving security situation in LatAm, reasonably stable government and economy, its lower wage structure and its relative proximity to the USA, that foreign productions come here to shoot isn't too surprising really.

Carnivore continent; but at what price?

Most people are well aware of the beef production exploits of Argentina and Brazil. Indeed many visitors to either country make it a priority to sink their teeth into a locally-produced steak.

Mercosur agrees to give intra-trade a new boost eliminating barriers

Mercosur agreed at the Brasilia summit that in the second half of the year they will address alternatives for the elimination of tariff and other similar barriers that impede the natural flow of trade of goods and services among its members. The initiative was agreed by Common Market Council, CMC, on the first day of deliberations and confirmed on Friday by the presidents of the group's full members.

Ecuador, Argentina and the at-risk inter-American system

In 2012 Ecuador and Argentina—along with Bolivia and Venezuela—led an effort to gut the prestigious Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR). Three years later, at the 45th General Assembly meeting in Washington, DC this June, representatives from both Ecuador and Argentina were elected to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Right Wins Buenos Aires Mayoral Election by Narrow Margin

The Buenos Aires mayoral candidate for the conservative Republican Proposal, or Pro, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, eked out a victory in the election runoff on Sunday by less than 2 percentage points, according to the official vote count.