Migrating North, but to Mexico, Not the U.S.

The United States has long been the dream destination for many Latin American migrants, whether fleeing poverty, political unrest, natural disaster or violence. But now a growing number of migrants are putting down roots in Mexico

Deciphering the new U.S. policies that affect Cuban migrants

From the streets of Havana to the Mexican border with the United States to South Florida, there was a new immigration reality Friday, the day after the Obama administration said Cubans would no longer be allowed to enter the United States without visas.

Wall plans are spreading

As US Republican candidate, UK politicians want to build a wall in Calais to keep migrants out. It will replace the fencing along the ferry's port to prevent migrants from attempting to board lorries.

Some Cubans are returning home

A growing number of Cubans who have opted to move back to the island in recent years as the Castro government eases its rigid immigration rules.

US candidacy perspectives: The issue of immigration

The approaches made by candidates to immigration will perhaps be the most telling when regarding their position towards Latin America, understanding them is key to determine the nature of their foreign policy in the region.

Cubans now need visa to enter Ecuador

Ecuador will begin requiring Cubans to get visas to enter beginning December 1. The Latin American country has said it wants to discourage a flow of migrants.

LatAm states fail to find solution for Cuban migrants

Latin American ministers failed in two rounds of meetings to find a solution for thousands of US-bound Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica. The impasse means that nearly 3,000 Cubans aiming to travel through Central America to get to the United States remain stuck in Costa Rica.