Mexico: who are the best designers today?

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Here is a list of Mexican designers who's work we'd like to highlight

Mexico: who are the best designers today?

In the Latin American countries, it can be difficult to observe the creations of local designers because big international brands gain competitiveness in the market, and often have bigger budgets for advertisement and other campaigns. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to discover the best of each region, which is why we will present on this occasion the best designers in Mexico according to important portals of beauty and fashion such as Vogue Mexico and Magazine Code.

Guillermo Vargas

Born in 1979 in Mexico City, creator of the 1/8 Takamura brand, this designer of Japanese descent (one of his eight great grandparents was a Japanese man) has a minimalist-folk style. The brand seeks that its users do not stay within the conventional, because the designs question has been traditionally understood as fashion. Respecting the lifestyle of the person who uses it, 1/8 Takamura combines comfort with personality in style.

Alejandra Quesada

Native from Mexico City, she was born in 1981, and at the young age of 22, in 2006, she obtained international recognition of her signature design. The fatures that distinguish her are embroidery, prints, children's aesthetics and uses of multiple colors, these have reached their distribution in Japan, Dubai, Hong Kong and Mexico.

Cynthia Büttenklepper

Born in Ensenada, Baja California, in 1984, Büttenklepper began her studies in the city of Monterrey but continued in Barcelona. In 2010, upon returning to Mexico, her firm was consolidated and the creation of an experimental trend in terms of textiles in the category sportswear, which set her appart from the other designers because it grabbed a difficult item to exploit. Since then, her line has remained successful, and gained her international recognition.

Lorena Saravia

Born in 1984 in Mexico City, this designer has been rapidly positioned in the fashion world. She started her line in 2009 but debuted with her Fall / Winter collection in 2010. In 2013 her boutique was inaugurated in Masaryk, and it won the Who's On the Next contest by Vogue México. Thanks to this it is globally recognized and Saravia's style, although constantly changing, promises many more successes that directly benefit the user that follows it.

Giovanni Estrada and José Silva

This recognized pair born in Mexico City in 1979 and 1980 respectively, are now the favorites of users who are looking for comfort and contemporary style. They have three main lines: the line Simple by Trista for day-to-day use, Trista Bride dedicated to all those women interested a wedding dress without equal to contract nuptials and Trista Homme that recently opened for comfortable menswear.

Who do you think is missing from this list? 


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