These foods could make your skin age faster

Discover the foods that accelerate the aging process and skin deterioration due to the chemicals and fats they contain

These foods could make your skin age faster

The presence of noticeable age marks on the skin is a natural process of the human body that cannot be stopped and is influenced by many factors, like the main and most influential, which is the passing of time. However, there are many circumstances that can interfere in this process making it slower or faster. One of the influential factors that tends to have less relevance and therefore society focuses less on it is the food that, as is well known, influences health in general to a considerable extent. The sure thing is that certain foods exist that due to the different chemical components that they possess usually accelerate the process of aging of the skin.

Among the main and most consumed we have the following:

  • Sugary sodas: one of the preferred and most consumed by modern society in general, contains high levels of sugar and causes cells to die almost instantly which generates rapid aging. It is much more advisable to consume vegetable juices.

  • Coffee: with approximately 90% of the population that consumes this drink, it seems to be addictive, but it has a dehydrating effect on the body, which in terms of health can be quite negative. In addition, its consumption in excess can affect the toning of the skin.

  • Trans fats: these are one of the biggest food enemies and are present in almost all processed foods. This type of fat can cause blockages in the arteries and severe problems for the organism, which leads to accelerate the process of aging.

  • Red meats: although it is advisable to eat this type of meat because it is rich in proteins, it is better not to exceed more than twice a week since it is rich in carnitine, a substance that consumed in excess causes the hardening of capillaries and as a result stimulates the premature aging of the skin.

  • Artificial preservatives: these chemicals often included in foods contains sulphite, a substance that directly affects the blood vessels mainly to the branches that reach the skin, which causes the loss of elasticity and causes premature wrinkles.

  • Simple carbohydrates: thanks to their high glycemic index, the rupture of the elasticity of the skin and muscles is favored, thus causing a faster aging. It is advisable to consume complex and integral carbohydrates, which are beneficial for health.

  • Excess salt: it is quite known how harmful salt can be to the organism, so much so that it causes a higher blood pressure, which leads to a reduction in the production of collagen and accelerates the aging process.

Although these are the main foods that accelerate the aging process, there are others that have a similar impact, albeit at a lower level. In general, having a good diet is essential to stay and look healthy and healthy, so add more vegetables to your diet and you will see favorable effects on your skin and your life in general.


Latin American Post | Sara Morales

Copy edited by Laura Rocha Rueda

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