Russia: Putin back to power?

According to the latest official polls, the current Russian president would have favorability of two thirds of the voters

Russia: Putin back to power?

With a confusing scenario, but apparently outlined to the fourth presidential ratification of Vladimir Putin, the Russian territory is preparing for its election day next Sunday, with the promise of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), which will be a free day, denying the accusations, which say that the Kremlin ordered a high turnout to legitimize the re-election of the current president.

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It is noteworthy that despite the presence of two candidates who face Putin in this race, Pavel Grudinin, communist millionaire and entrepreneur flag bearer of Lenin; Ksenia Sobchak, journalist and opponent of whom there are doubts about her distance from the Kremlin, according to a poll released this Sunday by the Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTSIOM), two thirds of voters have the current head of state as their primary option .

There is an aspect that has been a fundamental factor in these elections and is linked to accusations of fraud by the opposition and some international organizations, to this call Pamfílova, president of the Central Election Commission, responded in a press conference to media foreigners saying "the West may or may not recognize the presidential elections, but the important thing is that our people recognize them".

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In addition, he noted that improvements were made in the electoral process to ensure greater transparency, including the installation of cameras in 80% of schools where the electorate will vote, that is 90 million of the 110 summoned to the suffrage process, which leaves the fraud "totally" discarded.

The president of the electoral body also stressed "the method we have devised has no analogues in the world, there are no black or gray areas in the schools, practically, the human factor is excluded, there may be provocations, so we must be prepared for any setback".

Precisely what they are looking for with these measures, is to avoid street demonstrations and demonstrations against fraud, like those of 2011, the strongest governmental protests since the dissolution of the USSR.

Pamfílova also expressed that it has never been so easy to vote, because people can do it from anywhere, even without being their site of empowerment and, the requirements to pay will be minimal. At the same time, she stressed that those who do not participate in the electoral process will be "lazy", even making an appeal to vote and not be "lazy".

Another of the doubts present in the process is the number of participants, in this sense the head of the electoral body, explained that there is no minimum for the elections to be considered valid and denied any pressure from the Kremlin to the CEC to have a high participation, to "inflate" the number of voters and leave no doubt about the victory of Putin.

Regarding doubts about the constitutional future of Russia, Putin assured the NBC that he will not make any change, contrary to Xi Jinping, who, after the reform approved on Sunday by the Chinese legislature, will be able to remain in power after 2023. This will the doubt about what will happen to the Russian presidency in the year 2024, when its potential leader is 71 years old.


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