Beitar 'Trump' Jerusalem: Why will it be difficult for the soccer team to make use of their new name

The Israeli club decided to honor the change of the United States embassy, ​​but the lastname of the president is a registered trademark since 2008

Beitar 'Trump' Jerusalem: Why will it be difficult for the soccer team to make use of their new name

In recent days, Beitar Jerusalem, an Israeli soccer team, made public its decision to opt for the name of Donald Trump as an annex to the name of the team. The news was made public through the club's Facebook account, in which it clarifies that the controversial election is in honor of the measure taken by the US president to position the embassy of his country in Jerusalem.

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For the Israeli club, there was no greater honor than adding the figure of the American president in his official name. However, the tribute will not be as simple as it seems. According to the Jerusalem Post, Beitar must submit the decision made by the Israel Football Association, and must wait until the name of the president is available for registration. "Donald Trump has been a registered trademark in Israel since 2008, and if Beitar tries to add it to his name, it can be sued, since it has not received permission to use it," the newspaper said.

In the same press release, the team made it clear that it will not give up trying to include Trump in its name or, at least, it will do so until the very end. "We have the greatest love for the president, and he will win," the letter concludes.

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The Beitar Jerusalem was born in 1936, by the hand of Zionist groups that, politically, have an impact on the formation of the right-wing Israeli party, Likuf.

The squad is considered one of the most important teams in Israel with six titles of Ligat ha'Al (professional league of Israel), seven of Israel Cup, and two of Copa Toto (tournament that started as the League Cup). Renowned figures of Israeli culture and politics have shown their affinity with this team.

However, beyond sports, the team has become famous worldwide for the Israeli fanaticism of its fans, and the racism of one of its sectors. Family is one of the most important hooligans of Beitar, which has been known for its hatred of Arab culture. Then, it's not luck that they take pride in being the only football institution in Israel, which has never had the services of an Arab player.

For the same reason, when the arrival of a player originally from this country to the ranks of the club has been suggested, the incessant criticism and demonstrations of the fans have forced the hiring back.

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"Beitar 'Trump' Jerusalem"

The Zionist ideology (defense of the State by the Jewish people) that both the directors and fans of the club defend was strengthened by the change of the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

This act represented a total support to the Israeli culture and nation, which, since 1948, is considered by the UN as an autonomous and sovereign homeland, although the city is not considered as its capital. Jerusalem is also an important city, in political and religious terms for Palestine, so the fact that the United States has decided to opt for this city as a location for its embassy is a sign of "contempt" and disrespect for the Palestinian people.

"For 70 years, Jerusalem has been waiting for international recognition, until President Donald Trump, in a courageous movement, recognized Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel. President Trump has shown courage and true love for the Israeli people and its capital (...) The Beitar Jerusalem football club, one of the most prominent symbols of the city, is pleased to honor the president for his love and support with a gesture own, "says the press release stated by the team, in recognition of the historic Trump measure.

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