This is where the most expensive and the cheapest beers in Latin America are

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Beyond the cost of living of each city, the price of beer in Latin America ranges from $ 0.54 to $ 3.19 dollars

This is where the most expensive and the cheapest beers in Latin America are

A recent study by Deutsche Bank collected data on the average price of beer in major cities around the world. The study revealed that Dubai holds the most expensive beer in the world, costing 12 dollars. Among the 48 cities that the investigation contemplates, the cheapest beer is found in the city of Manila, Philippines, where it costs 1.5 dollars.

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However, this particular study leaves out Latin America, since it only collected data from 2 cities in the region, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, where they report that a beer costs 3.2 and 3.7 dollars respectively. It is interesting that Latin America is not considered, since it is one of the regions with the highest consumption of alcohol in the world: on average, each person consumes 8.4 liters of pure alcohol per year, 2.2 liters above the world average, as explained by Maristela Monteiro, principal advisor on substance abuse and alcohol of the World Health Organization (WHO), for the BBC.

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A review through the website Numbeo.com, which allows comparing the costs of living in different cities around the world using information provided by users, allows us to start drawing the panorama of the price of beer in the region. Fortunately for those who enjoy a cold, compared to the world prices of Deutsche Bank, the price of beer in Latin America is comparatively low.

According to data from Numbeo.com, the most expensive beer in Latin America is in Uruguay, where a pint of domestic beer costs $ 3.19. Uruguay, in addition to having a high average cost of living, also has a tax introduced in 2013, which taxes beverages such as beer as a measure of consumption prevention.

The cheapest beer in the region, on the other hand, can be found in Venezuela. This country ranks third in Latin America in alcohol consumption, as the World Health Organization reports that the average Venezuelan consumes 8.9 liters of pure alcohol a year. With a beer that costs just $ 0.54, high consumption has an explanation. However, this number is questionable due to the complications involved in comparing prices with Venezuela due to its confusing exchange rate and very high inflation.

This costs half a liter of national beer through Latin America:

  1. Uruguay: $ 3.19
  2. Chile: $ 3.14
  3. Costa Rica: $ 2.64
  4. Argentina: $ 2.17
  5. Bolivia: $ 2.17
  6. Brazil: $ 2.10
  7. Panama: $ 2.00
  8. Guatemala: $ 2.00
  9. Mexico: $ 1.92
  10. Peru: $ 1.84
  11. Ecuador: $ 1.50
  12. Honduras: $ 1.50
  13. Colombia: $ 1.03
  14. Paraguay: $ 0.87
  15. Venezuela: $ 0.54

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