Trump vs. Time Magazine: the most recent battle in the war of fake news

The prestigious magazine published an image referring to the separation of migrant families, with which the president of the United States took the opportunity to argue that fake news has been fabricated against him

Trump vs. Time Magazine: the most recent battle in the war of fake news

Time published on its cover the image of a migrant girl who cried in front of an imposing Donald Trump who welcomed her to the country. However, the cover not only caused a great impact but also controversy, since although the montage involved a family of migrants, there was no separation, since mother and daughter were detained together in the city of McAllen, Texas. Although Time wanted to represent in the photo the difficult situation that migrants live on the border, the situation was used by the US president to mention how the "fake news" try to overshadow his image and only want to highlight negative things.

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Due to the debate that the image provoked, Time had to publish a text of correction of the image where it highlighted "that the image was erroneously described and that mother and daughter were moved together". The father of the girl, Denis Velera, in an interview with Reuters, also clarified that the girl was never separated from her mother: the agent Carlos Ruiz of the border patrol in an interview with CBS, also spoke and mentioned "although the image wants symbolize a policy, the girl in the picture is not suitable for the case".

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Donald Trump vs "Fake news"

The American president did not miss the opportunity given by the error of Time magazine to state on Twitter how the media create discourses on one government and another. His mention also refers to the Democratic party, which he accuses of being behind the photo montage.

For the newspaper El Clarín of Argentina, although the image is real and cannot be classified as a fake news, if it served Trump to criticize its critics and label them as liars. In addition, both the son of tycoon Donald Trump Jr. as well as Sarah Sanders, spokeswoman for the White House, also classified the news as false.

It's shameful that dems and the media exploited this photo of a little girl to push their agenda. She was not separated from her mom. The separation here is from the facts. Dems should join POTUS and fix our broken immigration system. #ChangetheLaws https://t.co/Y6KrTp4Ulk

- Sarah Sanders (@PressSec) June 22, 2018

Trump and the Fake News premises

In the month of January, when the president was one year away from reaching the White House, the president announced the controversial awards to point out to the US media that he considers have been more critical and subjective since his arrival in power.

CNN and The New York Times have been the main targets of Trump's criticism, and in the awards "granted" in January took most of the awards. However, The Washington Post, the Time and Newsweek magazines and ABC were also recipients of an award respectively.


Trump and Time magazine

Despite this recent clash between Time magazine and the United States president, and the "prize" awarded in January for fake news, there is an ironic story between the media and the mogul. A year ago, a reporter for The Washington Post discovered that President Trump had posted several magazine covers in his golf clubs. These covers were false, since the alleged cover that alluded to Trump had a publication date of March 1, 2009, but the actual publication was March 2, 2009, and actress Kate Winslet actually appeared on the cover, as It was concluded in the Washington Post investigation. Once it came to light that the cover was false, another reporter from the same newspaper visited one of the golf courses and saw that the magazine was no longer there.


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