In Latin America, there are also museums for photography lovers

Photography is a form of artistic expression that shows the reality of a society, which has to be preserved. Get to know some of the Latin American museums dedicated to this work

In Latin America, there are also museums for photography lovers

Photography is a form of artistic expression that allows you to build stories, because through the photos the memory of a nation, a town, a family or a person is documented. In addition, through the lens of a camera, you can capture the emotions behind a look or a gesture. A photograph shows the reality of a society like Latin America, as well as what the bodies hide. According to CNN, "photography in the region has undoubtedly been shaped by a broad set of social concerns such as colonialism, state repression, inequality and industrialization. "

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In Latin America and the Caribbean, there are museums dedicated to preserve and disseminate the photography of the countries of this region, as well as to produce knowledge. Here are some that you should know:

Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos (FM4C)

The archaeological zone of Teotihuacán is not the only tourist attraction that you will find if you visit the State of Mexico. In this place, located in the north of Mexico City, you will also find the Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos. According to the official website of the museum, this is "a space dedicated to the education of the photographic image, through the exhibition, diffusion, production, and teaching of photography". For this reason, here you will have the opportunity to do different activities, such as guided tours through the exhibitions of national and international artists that are presented here, as well as young Mexican talents. However, in this place, you can also participate in a night of museums on the last Wednesday of each month and on workshops on photography, music, illustration, video, dance, among others. If you are a lover of the seventh art, in this place movies are showcased, something that you can not miss.


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Museo Nacional de la Fotografía de Colombia (Fotomuseo)

The Fotomuseo of Colombia is a foundation whose purpose is to disseminate the work of artists from all over the world and of young people of the country, "reaching the different population sectors of Colombia, through street traveling exhibitions that decentralize and de-qualify culture," according to the portal of the Museo Nacional de la Fotografía. This museum, located in the capital of the coffee country, has a large collection that has been created over the years thanks to donations from national and international photographers. In addition to the different exhibitions, various events are also held here, such as competitions, theoretical photography meetings, workshops, film series and documentaries about outstanding Colombian artists that you can enjoy.


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Fototeca de Cuba

In the beautiful city of Havana is the Fototeca de Cuba, a place that holds "the iconographic memory of more than 150 years of Cuban photography, with nearly 80,000 images in different photo-types, negatives, positives, etc., as well as a good collection of books, documents and catalogs from Cuba and other countries." This museum seeks to preserve and disseminate Cuban photography, not only within the country but also abroad. In addition, it aims to promote contemporary photographers, as well as generate a sensitive and receptive audience with regard to this artistic expression, according to the official website of the institution. However, the Fototeca de Cuba is not only a space for education and learning. This museum is also a celebration of photography itself and of this occupation.


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Fototeca latinoamericana (FoLa)

In Buenos Aires, the city of tango, there is the Fototeca latinoamericana (FoLa), a museum created to disseminate the work of Latin American photographers and photography in this region in general. This is a museum that was inaugurated in 2015 "with more than 200 works by some 80 artists from 12 countries in the region," according to La Nación. According to the Spanish media Arteinformado, this museum not only seeks to exhibit, it also aims to create "dialogue and thought about photography." However, like the other photography museums, in addition to the exhibitions, in this place are held other events that you can enjoy. If you like photo books, for example, there are talks, workshops and book presentations on the subject that might interest you. Also, the museum held conferences and seminars on photography that you can not miss.



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