The craziest looks on the internet: to make a difference, the options are endless

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These people take daing choices to another extreme: could it still be considered beauty?

The most crazy looks on the internet: to make a difference, the options are endless

Every time people invent more and more crazy looks. For these trends have been successful, the best allies have been social media, where they are shared, transformed and evolve at an insurmountable speed. Thus, what one day is in the next is out, while experts become increasingly frequent who are trained in different beauty techniques, only suitable for a few. Here we make a brief list about the strangest of the moment. Would you take a chance?

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Nails with incrustations in unexpected places

If you are one of those who like to have nails that draw attention, the first advice is to let them grow or use acrylic extensions. Thus, it is possible that the manicure looks more attractive not only thanks to the enamels used but also to the decorations adhered to the nail, which will make them look exceptionally bright. Thus, celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, who have put their hands under the supervision of the renowned nail designer Tom Bachik, have not only made proposals ranging from the use of nude colors with incrustations of brilliant stones, but also, has put IGNORE INTO furor the use of glitter and almond shaped nails.

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Kisses with art

Lips with a lot of shine and glitter no doubt steal the eyes. The trend that is not always childish, can also become glamorous, only if the application of the products is effective. For this, it is necessary to apply the lipstick, the glitter and the transparent shine that ends up providing a perfect finish. That's why, and who sends the stop on the subject is Pat McGrath, who has not only been responsible for models like Bella Hadid and Karen Elson take the trend, but also be a technique well used in the makeup of large catwalks and fashion productions.

In contrast, there have also been more daring proposals that intend to assemble whole paintings on the lips, the blogger Jazmina Daniel, so she has shown that she has put on the lips of her models she has reproduced the image of some Disney characters and even the photo of the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.


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Cheerful beards

The essence of the beard is not only in its extension but also in the applications that may hang on it. Therefore, its greatest exponents are The Gay Beards , who at the end of tutorials have not only begun to create this movement that invites his followers to wear beards with glitter, flowers, sweet sprinkles, and even feathers, but also to buy his photographs through his website. So and in order to steal also the looks, this couple, through various tutorials and excellent sense of humor, is vindicated through their ingenious ideas with the LGBTI community to which they proudly belong.

Fantasy wicks

Before strong tones send the stop also reaching the armpits of some risky women, but today the trend has evolved thanks to the variety of dyes and techniques that are within our reach and have come to propose creatives such as Roxie Hunt.

Therefore, it is not strange that what were once unicorn wicks (with vivid and strong colors) was evolving to become opal wicks (pastel colors) that in the words of the expert Dina Luz Rodríguez, are well adopted trends among young people from 19 to 25 years and that imply a high discoloration. "Everyone starts with a high discoloration, and its intensity can vary depending on the color. Two to six colors are worked at the same time to give a gradient effect. If you want to acquire a more silvery color, it will discolor until you get it white, if you want a stronger color it will discolor until you get yellow", she says.


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