If you are a fashionista, you can not miss these Latin American museums

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In Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Chile you will find these fashion museums where you will leave full of inspiration

If you are a fashionista, you can not miss these Latin American museums

Fashion is not only a product, it is also a form of artistic demonstration. Through it, we can observe both the cultural transformations within a society, as well as the personality traits of a person. Fashion is a manifestation of collective and individual identity. Latin America and the Caribbean is a region rich in diversity. It is this cultural variety that has allowed this region to leave its personal mark in the fashion industry, where we find ponchos, ruanas and rebozos, and colorful costumes with handmade embroidery. But did you know that in this region there are spaces dedicated to the dissemination and preservation of this art? Here are some that you have to know:

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Museum of Regional Costumes, Colombia

If you walk through the streets of the historical center of the capital of the coffee country you will find the Museum of Regional Costumes (Museo de Trajes Regionales, in Spanish), "a space of encounter around the theme of the costume and of dialogue between the past, the present and the future of the costume in Colombia", according to the official page of the museum. This is a place where there are different exhibitions that revolve around the costume in Colombia, such as the pre-Hispanic costumes, the typical costumes of the mestizaje, the costumes of the living indigenous communities and even the Europeans. In addition, "through the temporary exhibitions, a space has been opened for fashion designers, plastic artists, researchers, among others, to become a space for dialogue".

In the Museum of Regional Costumes, you can also learn about the textile traditions of this country and the different styles of weaving. Also, here you will have the opportunity to participate in different activities, such as workshops, knitting classes, talks, trainings and pedagogical meetings.


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Museum of Fashion (MUMO), Brazil

The MUMO is a museum located in Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais, whose mission is "to preserve, investigate and disseminate collections related to fashion in the mining capital, in its many facets, dialoguing with contemporaneity and stimulating critical thinking ", according to the official website of the city hall. In addition, this museum has as its main objective "to be an institution of reference in memory, conservation and research of fashion, clothing, and behavior".

If you travel to Brazil and decide to visit the MUMO, in this space you will not only enjoy the different exhibitions that are presented, you can also participate in "debates, workshops, mediated visits, and reading circles". Moreover, if you are a lover of other areas of art, such as literature, theater, dance or cinema, here you can find various artistic and cultural presentations that you can not miss.

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Amano, Pre-Columbian textile museum, Peru

Amano is a textile museum that you will find in the City of the Kings, which has been "recognized as one of the most important exhibition spaces of Peruvian textile art and a bridge of cooperation between Japanese and Peruvian researchers," according to the website. The main objective of this museum, which was founded by Yoshitaro Amano, is to offer "a modern exhibition approach, focused entirely on the world of pre-Columbian textiles, under modern exhibition and conservation conditions."

This place has four rooms, in which you will immerse yourself in a journey through time. According to the portal of the museum, there are more than 120 pieces that are exhibited in the first two rooms. In these, you can learn about the history of the textile of different Peruvian cultures, as well as the process to make the products for the elaboration of the clothes and the materials that are required for this work. However, "the culminating space of the exhibition shows, in the well-known textile drawers of the museum, more than 460 Chancay textile pieces from the collection formed by Mr. Amano".

Beyond these exhibitions, in this place you will also be able to hold workshops that "seek to reconnect people with traditional techniques", according to a publication in its Instagram account.

Museum of Fashion, Chile

The Museum of Fashion (Museo de la Moda, in Spanish) is located in Santiago de Chile, a space that seeks the "acquisition, research and conservation of pieces, which give an account of the history of humanity and the development of societies through the role played by fashion", according to the official page. This is a museum that seeks the preservation of textiles, as well as exalting this art. Therefore, here you will find "costumes, sketches, accessories and decorative arts belonging to the western culture, focused on being an introduction to the history of clothing."

However, in this place you will not only enjoy the different fashion exhibitions that are presented, you can also find exhibitions about sports. In addition, in the portal, you can see virtual exhibitions of collections that are not part of any sample. However, this is a space in which different events are also carried out, such as book samples and product launches.


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