These beauty products are popular on the Internet, but they DO NOT work

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Although they trend in social media, experts indicate that these products do not do much for your skin

These beauty products are popular on the Internet, but they DO NOT work

Those who care about skin care could not be living in a better time. Hundreds of products and cosmetic procedures that promise to cleanse, soften, protect and preserve the lush appearance of the skin can be purchased at low cost and at any time. Many reach great popularity in social media platforms like Instagram, in which young women with bright faces talk about their routines, but this does not always guarantee the effectiveness of the product and some experts begin to reveal it.

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According to dermatologists and experts consulted by Insider, a good portion of the most popular masks, creams and face products on social networks are a good example of "marketing and packaging", but do not have the evidence sufficient scientific evidence to support their properties.

Here we mention three of these popular products that are not doing much for your skin:

Charcoal masks

In the last year, charcoal has become an Instagram trend that is difficult to ignore: we see it from ice creams and smoothies to tooth whiteners, deodorants and masks that promise to remove impurities in a deep way. Activated charcoal is a black powder used for the treatment of poisoning and overdose in the body. Thanks to its chemical properties, the carbon absorbs toxic substances and expels them through the digestive tract. However, this benefit could not be confirmed when applied superficially.

In this way, and as indicated by Dr. David Lortscher, consulted by Insider, so far there is no conclusive evidence to ensure that the surface application of activated carbon can eliminate toxins and impurities from the skin as promised by their masks.



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Jade Rollers

Their pastel shades and sophisticated look have made jade rollers a beauty implement coveted by influencers, public figures and their followers. However, the beautiful jade and quartz stones that are used to massage the face can not, scientifically, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, remove dark circles and reduce inflammation, as they promise to do. The massage can of course feel very nice, but it is not the "magic wand" that will prolong the youth of the skin.



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Anti-aging creams

Numerous articles and beauty blogs recommend to start using anti-aging creams at 25 years old with the aim of prolonging the natural health of the skin and avoid early occurrences of fine lines. However, most dermatologists agree that the secret to a luscious skin for longer is the daily use of sunscreen and a reliable moisturizer.

According to the dermatologist Fayne Frey for Insider, "the only ingredient that the eye area can really benefit from -the thinnest and most vulnerable skin on the face- is sunscreen. Ironically, most anti-aging creams available in the market DO NOT contain this product".



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