Maduro and the terrorist attack: Who are the 'Flannel Soldiers'?

This group, still anonymous, has claimed to be responsible of the failed attempt against Nicolás Maduro

Maduro and the terrorist attack: Who are the 'Flannel Soldiers'?

Nicolás Maduro, depending on the occasion, launches accusations against the United States, Europe - mainly Spain - and in South America, without a doubt, against the outgoing president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos. Colombia’s Ministry hurried to communicate that the accusations of the Venezuelan leader "lack basis".

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The images of a restless Nicolás Maduro looking at the sky in full speech for the 81st anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard and the subsequent stampede of those present, are the consequence of the supposed attempt of attack by means of two drones loaded with C4 explosives. These were shot down by snipers from the Honor Guard before they could reach their goal.

Although the Bolivarian leader insists on blaming his Colombian counterpart, the truth is that a group called 'Soldiers of Flannels' has rushed to claim responsibility for the failed attack through social networks.

In the framework of the self-described 'Operation Fénix', this group assured through Twitter that although they had failed they showed that Maduro and his government are vulnerable and that it is a matter of time before they can eliminate Nicolás Maduro. The 'Flannel Soldiers' are described as "a group of military and civil patriots and loyal to the people of Venezuela."

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The Venezuelan leader notified that he is going to investigate thoroughly to find the culprits no matter who they are. In fact, he has already confirmed that the first arrests have taken place in this regard.

The mysterious group sent a statement to be broadcast by the journalist Patricia Poleo, openly opposed to the Maduro’s regime and who lives in exile in the United States. In the letter, the 'Flannel Soldiers' accuse the leader of having forgotten the Constitution and socialist values, taking advantage of their privileged situation to enrich themselves while a large part of the town goes through endless calamities.


In the statement, the group also defends their right to change things and encourages citizens to return to the streets, as they did last year. They say they feel "betrayed" by the government, and understand that if this body works for the stability and happiness of a country it is not tolerable that Venezuela is going hungry, that the sick do not have medicine, or that the national currency is worthless in an economic system sunk.

This alleged attack has led to all kinds of conjecture. While countries related to the Bolivarian cause, such as Cuba or Bolivia, have expressed their solidarity and support to Nicolás Maduro, the opposition and a large part of the international community see this episode as a crude assembly with which the president intends to victimize himself. It seems that the use of drones and the ease of Honor Guard to knock them down are more typical of a Hollywood movie.

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