Color and more color! If you love to draw this museums are for you

These Latin American museums will transport you to a vibrant world, full of color and incredible characters

Color and more color! If you love to draw this museums are for you

Who does not like to draw? This is an activity that stimulates our creativity, allows us to express ourselves and is a very fun way to relax. The best thing about drawing is that it is for children and adults alike.

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The drawing, moreover, is as old as humanity and is the basis of many artistic demonstrations. Latin America and the Caribbean is also a region with a large graphic production. Therefore, if you are a lover of drawing and all its manifestations, here you can find some museums that will transport you to a vibrant world, full of color and incredible characters, from which you will be inspired.

Museo Nacional de la Estampa, Mexico

The MUNAE (Museum of Graphic Arts), located in the capital of the Aztec country, is a space that seeks to "disseminate the graphic production of Mexican and foreign artists to the interior and exterior of the country, as well as to collect, conserve, investigate and document the work inscribed in this genre of visual arts." Mexico, after all, is a country with a great artistic graphic production that needs to be preserved.

This place has a collection of more than 12 thousand works by artists such as Amador Lugo, Manuel Manilla, Leopoldo Méndez, José Guadalupe Posada, among others. Some of the works of these graphic artists, as well as the rest of the collection, can also be found on the museum's web page. If you visit this place, in addition to the different exhibitions, workshops, talks and other artistic activities are also held.

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Museo del Humor, Argentina

In Buenos Aires is the MuHu (Museum of Graphic Humour), a museum that "brings together the works of the great masters of drawing, illustration and caricature" of Argentina. According to the page of the government of Buenos Aires, "the museum gathers works of all the Argentine referents of the genre and is chaired by a commission of five notables artists: Quino, Garaycochea, García Ferré, Sábat and Mordillo."

In addition, "the heritage of the museum includes two centuries of Argentine graphic humor with permanent exhibitions, transitory and educational programs." This place has temporary and permanent exhibitions, as well as tours that seek to honor "the most popular cartoon characters" of Argentina and its creators, known as the Paseo de las Historietas (Walk of Cartoons).

Museo De Dibujo y Grabado Latinoamericano, Colombia

In Valle del Cauca, that Colombian department with beautiful landscapes, is the Rayo Museum. This is a space where "individual and collective exhibitions of great masters of drawing and engraving are presented, who frequently give workshops and give lectures to the public". In addition, it has more than 2000 graphic works of its founder, the Colombian painter Omar Rayo.

The Latin American drawing and print collection has more than 2,000 works by other artists from the region, according to the official website of the museum. This is a place that seeks to be "dynamic and active", which is why it is not only a space for the preservation and dissemination of graphic art. There are also other activities such as "contests, meetings, lectures, literary readings, dance performances, theater and concerts".

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Museo de Acuarela y Dibujo Muñoz Marino, Ecuador

The Muñoz Marino Museum is located in Quito, in "the traditional neighborhood of San Marcos, it occupies one of the few colonial houses that are still preserved in Quito", according to the Fundación Museos de la Ciudad.

Founded in 2010, this museum has a "permanent exhibition of the work of master Osvaldo Muñoz Marino, a collection that includes more than 1,000 watercolors and hundreds of archaeological pieces and colonial art," according to El Comercio.

There are also temporary exhibitions where the work of "local artists, such as Carolina Iturralde and Pilar Bustos" is exhibited, as well as street artists and very little recognized, explains the same media. In addition, drawing and watercolor workshops are held here, although workshops for other "artistic and manual areas" are currently being developed.

Museo del Dibujo Contemporáneo, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic also has a museum dedicated to this ancestral form of expression. It is the MUDIC (Museum of Contemporary Drawing), located in the beautiful city of Santo Domingo, which is part of the Arawak Art Foundation.

Founded in 1996, the objective of this space is "to rescue, disseminate, investigate, exhibit and stimulate the production of the drawing, which is achieved through various educational activities and programs".

According to Hoy Digital, "the programs developed by the Museum of Contemporary Drawing have extended the borders to further internationalize Dominican art." This is a museum that also carries out other activities, such as courses and workshops for adults and children, lectures and conferences, garden afternoons, cultural walks, concerts and tastings.


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