5 apps you should download if you are vegan

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Use them if you're looking for vegan cosmetics, plant-based foods, or want to completely eliminate meat

Vegan dish.

Vegan dish. / Photo: Vegan Liftz

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The problems of veganism is that it seems that the world was not made for the people who decide to become vegan. Wherever we look, we will find processed food, products not free from cruelty, and foods of animal origin.

However, technology has made the job easier for those who wish to make some change in their lifestyle: whether they are looking for vegan cosmetics, foods of vegetable origin or wish to completely eliminate the meat, there are apps that will convert the difficulties of shopping in a nonexistent problem. These are some of the best:

1. Is it vegan? Available in the App Store and Google Play, this application was made for anyone wishing to eliminate animal products from their diet. By simply scanning the barcode of what you are thinking of buying, the application will give you a detailed analysis of the ingredients that make up the product and will answer the question: is it vegan?

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2. Happy cow ($ 2.99): according to the newspaper La Vanguardia, this search engine allows you to locate and differentiate between vegetarian, vegan or veggie options around 175 countries. The community is made up of people passionate about the vegan lifestyle as a healthy, compassionate and environmentally sustainable way of life. It is available for iOs and Android or in web format and is specially designed to help travelers find options.

3. Mealime: one of the biggest challenges when making transit to veganism is to cook from home with new ingredients. This application, which has no cost, allows the downloading to get hundreds of detailed and easy recipes to follow according to the data you enter about your tastes and food options. In addition, according to Make Use Of, it provides a list of ingredients and where to find them.

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4. Vegan Amino: if you want to find people who have adopted the vegan lifestyle, this is the best app. Vegan Amino includes a community where you can meet and chat with other vegans from around the world; an area where you can ask or answer questions related to veganism; access to information such as books; nutrition tips; recipes and see what recipes vegans are preparing around the world.

5. Meetup: this application allows you to connect people from around the world according to their shared interests. In the search engine, you can put "vegan" or "vegetarian" and the results will show the groups in your city that are based on these terms. The Vegan Word recommends it for travelers who want to meet people with the same lifestyle on the road and get, wherever they go, tips to make your stay more bearable.


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